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Lars Schneider

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Portrayed by  Herbert Ulrich
Created by  Moved to Munich
Duration  2002-2005, 2006-2008
Residence  Munich
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First appearance  Episode 1849 24 October 2002
Last appearance  Episode 3224 29 August 2008
Occupation  Owner of his own chambers Former lecturer in law Former legal consul at 'Beyenbach AllMedia' Lawyer
Significant others  Sylvia Jones, Nathalie Brandner
Similar  Carla von Lahnstein, Sylvia Jones, Charlie Schneider, Olivia Schneider, Johannes von Lahnstein

Lars Schneider is a fictional character of German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character has been played by actor Herbert Ulrich from 24 October 2002 to 18 May 2005 and again from 13 October 2006 to 29 August 2008.

Character's background

Lars is the younger brother of the bistro owner Charlie Schneider (Gabriele Metzger) and is a successful lawyer. He comes from Dallas to Düsseldorf to visit his sister, who he hasn't seen almost ten years. Charlie soon gets him a job as legal consul at the media company 'Beyenbach AllMedia'. Lars is happy and decides to stay in town. After only a few days, Lars meets the powerful businesswoman Sylvia Jones (Heike Brentano) and falls in love with her. But Sylvia only begins an affair with Lars to make her former husband, Martin von Beyenbach (Gerry Hungbauer), who owns 'Beyenbach AllMedia', jealous. When Sylvia's little sister Hanna Novak (Katharina Dalichau) comes to town, she begins to fall for the smart lawyer and wants him to see Sylvia's true face. When Lars finally sees that Sylvia only used him, he breaks up with her and soon Hanna and Lars become a couple.

For a while, Hanna and Lars are very happy with each other, but when 'Beyenbach AllMedia' is in serious trouble, he needs to work day and night. Hanna and he don't find much time for each other and estrange more and more. Then Hanna meets the attractive Carla von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche) and they become friends. But Carla is a lesbian and begins to fall in love with Hanna, which is why she ends her friendship with Carla. But with time, Hanna discovers that she cares about Carla, more than she thought. Lars doesn't notice and wonders why Hanna distances herself more and more from him. He still thinks Hanna is the love of his life and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Because of that, he buys an expensive apartment, where he wants to live with her. Hanna sees that she needs to make a decision. In the new apartment, Lars plans a romantic surprise for Hanna, but when she shows up, she breaks up with him. Lars doesn't understand and wants to know why, but Hanna keeps her feelings for Carla a secret, because Carla is a Countess and her father doesn't know about her homosexuality.

Without an apartment, Lars moves in with his client and friend Felix von Beyenbach (Stefan Kirch). He soon begins to work as a lecturer on the university, after he lost his job at 'Beyenbach AllMedia'. One of his students is the vixen Vanessa von Beyenbach (Inez Bjørg David), Felix' cousin. After she failed an important exam, Lars decides to give her private tutoring. Vanessa tries to seduce him, but Lars stops her. However, after they spend more time together, Vanessa is successful and seduces Lars in the shower. For Lars this was only a one-night stand and he doesn't want to repeat it, but Vanessa lures him into an affair. When they sleep together again, Lars searches for a condom in Vanessa's bag and finds the questions for the next test. Angry he wants to know, why she is doing that to him and bringing his job in danger. Vanessa tries to put the fault on Felix, but Lars believes him and not her and ends their affair. Meanwhile, Vanessa has true feelings for Lars and says that she loves him. But Lars only laughs about it. After that, Vanessa wants revenge and plans an intrigue together with another student. Vanessa lures Lars into the girls toilet, where she simulates a rape, with the other student as "witness". Lars loses his job and his reputation is almost ruined. He wants Vanessa's father Bernd (Ron Holzschuh) to talk to his daughter, so that she tells everyone the truth. Otherwise he would go to the press and make his fake marriage to Carla, who is still in a relationship with Hanna, public. But Vanessa stays by her statement against Lars and only Hanna believes that Lars is innocent. She goes to stay by his side, but they get into a fight, in which Lars kicks her down the stairs by accident.


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