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Johannes von Lahnstein

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Portrayed by  Thomas Gumpert
Mother  Mimi Baxter
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First appearance  Episode 2062 23 September 2003
Last appearance  Episode 3080 9 January 2008
Occupation  Former owner and CEO of the Lahnstein Holding
Father  Dietrich von Lahnstein †
Brothers  Ludwig von Lahnstein Christian Frei (maternal half-brother)
Spouse  Francesca di Balbi † (widowed) Cécile de Maron † (divorced) [2004-2005] Elisabeth Brandner (dissolved) [2007-2008]
Significant others  Elisabeth von Lahnstein, Cécile de Maron, Maria di Balbi
Similar  Leonard von Lahnstein, Sarah von Lahnstein, Nico von Lahnstein, Carla von Lahnstein, Ansgar von Lahnstein

Johannes von Lahnstein is a fictional character on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was portrayed by actor Thomas Gumpert from 23 September 2003 to 9 January 2008.


Johannes is a powerful and successful aristocratic businessman and the owner of Lahnstein Holding. He is very conservative and emphasizes tradition. Johannes was married to the late Francesca von Lahnstein and together they had three beautiful children. His son Ansgar (Wolfram Grandezka) fought his entire life to live up to the high pressure his father put on him and his oldest daughter Carla (Claudia Hiersche) kept her homosexuality a secret for a long time. His marriage to Francesca was hardly smooth, both had multiple affairs and illigetimate children. Francesca fell in love with Johannes's friend Adrian Degenhardt (Klaus Zmorek), who fathered her sons Leonard (Lars Korten) and Constantin (Milan Marcus). While it was clear that Constantin wasn't Johannes's son, Leonard was believed to be his child and was also Johannes's favorite. Francesca died in a tragic car accident when Ansgar, Carla and Leonard were young adults. Johannes couldn't raise a child that wasn't his and sent Constantin to Italy to be raised by Francesca's sister, Carlotta. Johannes also had two illigetimate daughters, Sarah Hoffman with Elke Käppler and Nico von Lahnstein with Vera Brandner. He was not aware of either of them until they were adults.

In 2003, Johannes meets the beautiful and young Cécile de Maron (Yvonne Burbach) and falls in love with her. Even though, Cécile needs a little bit time to let Johannes in her heart, they become a couple. Carla doesn't like Cécile from the beginning, because she doesn't think that a woman of Carla's age could fall for her father. Cécile tries to prove Carla wrong, but she keeps her doubts. It doesn't take Johannes long and he proposes. Cécile thinks it is too soon for them to get married, but then agrees anyway. She and Johannes celebrate their happiness with a big wedding. Soon after the wedding, Leonard comes back from the United States, where he went to college to study medicine. He and Cécile meet by accident, before he even arrives at Castle Königsbrunn and is stunned by her beauty. He later gets the surprise of his life, when Johannes presents the young woman as his new wife. Leonard tries to stay distance to the married couple and even suggests to go back to Chicago. But Johannes is so excited that Leonard returned and wants his son to stay. Cécile eventually begins to fall deeply for Leonard and so does he. They end up having a secret affair with each other, while Johannes has the wish to have another child with Cécile. She tries to end her affair with Leonard and work on her marriage, but time and time again Leonard and Cécile can't stay away from each other. Cécile then decides to finally work on her marriage, when Johannes feels that she is slipping away. She ends thing with Leonard and tells him that they have no future together. Leonard then gets involved with his ex-girlfriend Silke Voss (Annette Culp), who he dated for a while in Chicago. With no future for him and Cécile, he reunites with Silke and Johannes is happy, when Leonard announces that he and Silke will get married, while Cécile gets jealous.

In January 2008, ten days after his 58th birthday, Johannes had a business trip his plane crashed into the ocean. Johannes died. Shortly before he changed his last will and made his daughter Carla to the heir of the Lahnstein dynasty. However, his son Ansgar faked his will after Johannes was found presumed death and made his son Hannes (Daniel and Simon Kühn) to the main heir.


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