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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Pseudocrenilabrinae
Scientific name  Lamprologus
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Perciformes
Family  Cichlidae
Tribe  Lamprologini
Higher classification  Lamprologini
Rank  Genus
Lamprologus Lamprologus ocellatus Wikipedia
Lower classifications  Lamprologus ocellatus, Lamprologus meleagris, Lamprologus callipterus, Lamprologus ornatipinnis, Lamprologus kungweensis

Lamprologus ocellatus gold new breeding project

Lamprologus is a genus of fishes from the cichlid family. They are native to Lake Tanganyika and the Congo River Basin in Africa. The type species for this genus is Lamprologus congoensis, a species from the Congo River. The genus is under some revision and may eventually be restricted to these riverine types.


Unboxing of tanganyika shell dweller cichlids lamprologus multifasciatus part 1


There are currently 20 recognized species in this genus:

Lamprologus lamprologus Tanganika Moba
  • Lamprologus callipterus Boulenger, 1906
  • Lamprologus congoensis Schilthuis, 1891
  • Lamprologus finalimus Nichols & La Monte, 1931
  • Lamprologus kungweensis Poll, 1956
  • Lamprologus laparogramma I. R. Bills & Ribbink, 1997
  • Lamprologus lemairii Boulenger, 1899
  • Lamprologus lethops T. R. Roberts & D. J. Stewart, 1976
  • Lamprologus markerti Tougas & Stiassny, 2014
  • Lamprologus meleagris Büscher, 1991
  • Lamprologus mocquardi Pellegrin, 1903
  • Lamprologus ocellatus (Steindachner, 1909)
  • Lamprologus ornatipinnis Poll, 1949
  • Lamprologus signatus Poll, 1952
  • Lamprologus speciosus Büscher, 1991
  • Lamprologus stappersi Pellegrin, 1927
  • Lamprologus symoensi Poll, 1976
  • Lamprologus teugelsi Schelly & Stiassny, 2004
  • Lamprologus tigripictilis Schelly & Stiassny, 2004
  • Lamprologus tumbanus Boulenger, 1899
  • Lamprologus werneri Poll, 1959

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    Lamprologus The Tiny Titan of Lake Tanganyika Lamprologus Ocellatus Full


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