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Kingdom  Plantae
Species  L. aurea
Rank  Genus
Family  Poaceae
Scientific name  Lamarckia
Order  Poales
Lamarckia Lamarckia aurea Poaceae image 14324 at PlantSystematicsorg
Similar  Gastridium, Hainardia, Micropyrum, Echinaria, Rostraria

Lamarckia prime time

Lamarckia is a Eurasian and African plant in the grass family.



The only known species is Lamarckia aurea, the golden dog's-tail or goldentop grass It is an annual plant, typically 30-45 centimetres in height, with clusters of golden flowers in a panicle 5–8 cm long and 2-2.5 cm broad. The species is native to the Mediterranean Basin and neighboring regions from Portugal to the Canary Islands east to Ethiopia and northern India. It is also naturalized in parts of Australia and the Americas, considered an invasive weed in some areas.

Lamarckia CalPhotos Lamarckia aurea
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see Aegopogon

  • Lamarckia tenella - Aegopogon tenellus
  • Lamarckia bubble

    Lamarckia Lamarckia aurea biodivinf Flickr
    Lamarckia Lamarckia aurea Poaceae image 14323 at Gymnospermsorg
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    Lamarckia Lamarckia Aurea Seeds Goldentop Ornamental Grass Seed


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