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Lal Quila Express

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Service type  Express
Last service  30 June 2014
Start  Kolkata
First service  1866
Current operator(s)  Eastern Railway
Lal Quila Express
Stops  67 as 13111 Lal Quila Express, 68 as 13112 Lal Quila Express

The 13111/13112 Lal Quila Express was an express train belonging to Indian Railways that runs between Kolkata and Delhi Junction in India. It operates as train number 13111 from Kolkata to Delhi Junction and as train number 13112 in the reverse direction. It is named after the Red Fort which is located in Delhi. The word Lal Quila means Red Fort in Devanagari.



The 13111/13112 Lal Quila Express presently has 2 AC 3 tier, 4 Sleeper Class & 5 General Unreserved coaches. In addition it also carries a Railway Mail Service coach. Slip coaches of Kolkata Giridih Express are attached/detached at Madhupur Junction. As with most train services in India, Coach Composition may be amended at the discretion of Indian Railways depending on demand.


The 13111 Lal Quila Express covers the distance of 1526 kilometres in 30 hours 55 mins (49.36 km/h) & 1552 kilometres in 34 hours 40 mins (44.77 km/h) as 13112 Lal Quila Express. As the average speed of the train is below 55 km/h, its fare does not include a Superfast surcharge.


As the entire route between Kolkata & Delhi Junction is electrified, it is hauled by a WAP 4 engine from the Howrah or Ghaziabad shed.


13111 Lal Quila Express leaves Kolkata every day at 20:15 hrs IST and reaches Delhi Junction at 03:10 hrs IST on the 3rd day. 13112 Lal Quila Express leaves Delhi Junction every day at 20:50 hrs IST and reaches Kolkata at 07:30 hrs IST on the 3rd day.


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