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Lake Kaindy

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Basin countries  Kazakhstan
Max. depth  30 m (98 ft)
Length  400 m
Max. length  400 m (1,300 ft)
Surface elevation  2,000 m
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Kazakhstan the submerged forest of lake kaindy and thunderstorms

Lake Kaindy (Kazakh: Қайыңды көлі, Qayıñdı köli), meaning the "birch tree lake"—is a 400-meter-long (1,300 ft) lake in Kazakhstan that reaches depths near 30 meters (98 ft) in some areas. It is located 129 kilometers (80 mi) east-southeast of the city of Almaty and is 2,000 meters (6,600 ft) above sea level.


Map of Kaindy, Kazakhstan

The lake was created as the result of an enormous limestone landslide, triggered by the 1911 Kebin earthquake. The track to Lake Kaindy has many scenic views to the Saty Gorge, the Chilik Valley, and the Kaindy Gorge. Dried-out trunks of submerged Picea schrenkiana trees rise above the surface.

Kazakhstan charyn canyon lake kaindy


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