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Lac des Perches

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Location  Haut-Rhin
Basin countries  France
Max. depth  17 m (56 ft)
Area  4 ha
Type  glacial
Surface area  0.044 km (0.017 sq mi)
Surface elevation  984 m
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Descente lac des perches

Lac des Perches is a lake in Haut-Rhin, France. At an elevation of 984 m, its surface area is 0.044 km². It is located on the Alsatian side of the Vosges Mountains in the municipality of Rimbach-près-Masevaux.


Map of Lac des Perches, 68290 Rimbach-pr%C3%A8s-Masevaux, France

video lac des perches rimbach pr s masevaux 68 2015


The XIX century German name of the lake was Sternsee (lake of the star). This name came from an alteration of Ternsee ou Ternensee. Its French name comes from a misinterpretation of the patois toponym Lac des Bers (meaning straw), which was read into Bärsch (in German perch) and translated into the present-day name of the lake.


It is a Glacial Lake that was dammed in the 16th century to provide power to forges and to textile mills.


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