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Lac de Paladru

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Location  Isère
Primary outflows  la Fure
Max. length  5,300 m (17,400 ft)
Surface elevation  492 m
Length  5.3 km
Width  950 m
Primary inflows  Courbon, Pin
Basin countries  France
Max. width  950 m (3,120 ft)
Area  3.9 km²
Mean depth  25 m
Catchment area  10 km²
Lac de Paladru httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Cities  Paladru, Le Pin, Isère, Charavines, Bilieu, Montferrat, Isère

Isere grand tour du lac de paladru en vtt parcours ffc

Lake Paladru (Lac de Paladru) is a small lake located in the Isère département, near Charavines, in France.


Map of Lac de Paladru, France

The lake was formed by the glacier of the Rhône. It is 6 km long and 1.2 km wide when full. Maximum depth: 33m.


Lac de Paladru Wikipedia

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