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Lac de Grand Maison

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Location  Isère
Primary inflows  Eau d'Olle
Surface area  2.19 km (0.85 sq mi)
Surface elevation  1,698 m
Type  artificial
Basin countries  France
Max. depth  90 m (300 ft)
Area  219 ha
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Similar  Alps, Grand‑Maison Dam, Lac du Verney, Col du Glandon, Col de la Croix de Fer

Lac de grand maison

Lac de Grand Maison is a lake in Isère, France. At an elevation of 1698 m, its surface area is 2.19 km². It is created by the Grand'Maison Dam and serves as the upper reservoir in a pumped-storage hydroelectric scheme.


Map of Lac de Grand Maison, 38114 Vaujany, France

Lac de grand maison 2


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