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Labayug is a barangay located in Sison, a third class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. The name Labayug comes from the combined words labba and bayug, two types of wood used to create rattan-like products. It is considered as one of the five urban barangays in the township of Sison. Labayug's main source of income is from the nearby cement factory, NCC (Northern Cement Corporation), located in the barangay. Income also come from the agriculture produce of the farmers.


Map of Labayug, Sison, Pangasinan, Philippines


According to the old folks of the community the first settlers in this part of the country are a group of people called “BAGO TRIBE”. This tribe was said to have originated from the “Amburayan River” found in the province of Ilocos Sur. The Bago’s are crossbreeds of the different mountain tribes and lowlanders. The population is multi-cultured, but the Bago’s are peaceful and hardworking Tribe, composed the greatest number of its inhabitants. Labayug was once a backward community populated by the Kalanguya Tribe, one of the mountain Tribes. It derived its present name from the famous couple, well loved by its inhabitants, and the last known Igorot Leader and Chieftain “Kapitan Bayog” and his wife Labaan. Decades later, the Kalanguya tribes men were driven up into the mountains by the migrating Bago Tribes from the Ilocos Region, hence the predominant Bago inhabitants. The name Labayug, However remained in the memory of the Kalanguya leader Kapitan Bayog and his wife Labaan.


Its land area is 3.30 km2 making it the 8th largest barangay out of 28 barangays. It is surrounded by the following barangays: Immalog, Calunetan, Sugcong.


According to the latest census by the Record of Barangay Inhabitants taken in 2013, Labayug has around 3,716 people.

Life in Labayug

Labayug is divided into seven puroks. Each purok is headed by a barangay kagawad, respectively. The barangay fiesta of Labayug mostly occurs during the first week of January. Income from the barangay fiesta goes towards the improvement of the barangay, or its schools. Labayug has its own elementary (primary) and high school (secondary), namely Labayug Elementary School and Labayug National High School, respectively.

Labayug National High School

There is a local High School in the barangay. The founder is Saturnino Sandaga Sr.


There are many church bodies present in Labayug. Most of the population are Christians, while others belong to another religion or have no religion.


Labayug Wikipedia

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