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La morte accarezza a mezzanotte

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Director  Luciano Ercoli
Music director  Gianni Ferrio
Language  Italian
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Mystery, Thriller
Country  Italy Spain
La morte accarezza a mezzanotte movie poster
Writer  Ernesto Gastaldi, Guido Leoni, Mahnahen Velasco, Mannuel Velasco
Release date  17 November 1972 (1972-11-17) (Italy)
Screenplay  Ernesto Gastaldi, Guido Leoni, Mahnahen Velasco
Cast  Nieves Navarro (Valentina), Simón Andreu (Gio Baldi), Pietro Martellanza (Stefano), Carlo Gentili (Inspector Serino), Ivano Staccioli (Professor Otto Wuttenberg), Fabrizio Moresco (Pepito)
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La morte accarezza a mezzanotte / Death Caresses at Midnight (International title: Death Walks at Midnight) is a 1972 giallo film directed by Luciano Ercoli. The film was written by Ernesto Gastaldi, Guido Leoni, Mahnahén Velasco and Mannuel Velasco. It starred Susan Scott, Simón Andreu, Peter Martell, Claudie Lange and Carlo Gentili. The film was also released in English-speaking countries as Cry Out in Terror.


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La morte accarezza a mezzanotte Gianni Ferrio La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte Original Soundtrack

Fashion model Valentina (Susan Scott) agrees to help her journalist boyfriend Giò Baldi (Simón Andreu) research the effects of LSD. While under the influence of the drug, Valentina sees a man bludgeon a woman to death with a spiked gauntlet. Baldi publishes a report of her hallucinations; however, Valentina believes what she has seen is real. She begins to realise that the killer is stalking her, although neither Baldi nor the police will believe what she tells them.


La morte accarezza a mezzanotte La morte accarezza a mezzanotte Fantafestival
  • Susan Scott: Valentina
  • Simón Andreu: Giò Baldi
  • Peter Martell: Stefano
  • Carlo Gentili: ispett. Serino
  • Claudie Lange: Verushka Wuttenberg
  • Ivano Staccioli: prof. Wuttenberg
  • Fabrizio Moresco: Pepito
  • Claudio Pellegrini: Henri
  • Luciano Rossi: Hans Krutzer
  • Raúl Aparici: Juan Hernandez
  • Alessandro Perrella: Van
  • Production

    La morte accarezza a mezzanotte La Morte accarezza a mezzanotte 1972 BMovie Zone

    La morte accarezza a mezzanotte marks the third collaboration between director Luciano Ercoli and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, who had previously worked together on 1971's La morte cammina con i tacchi alti and 1970's Le foto proibite di una signora per bene. Ercoli's wife Nieves Navarro, credited here as Susan Scott, featured in several of his other films, often in similar roles as "tough, independent" women. The director's preference for this type of character has been noted as being inspired by fumetti, a form of Italian photonovel often featuring such roles.


    La morte accarezza a mezzanotte Filmhorrorcom MORTE ACCAREZZA A MEZZANOTTE LA recensione

    La morte accarezza a mezzanotte (Death Carresses at Midnight) was released in Italy on 17 November 1972. It has also been distributed under the titles Muerte acaricia a medianoche and Death Walks at Midnight. It was released under the latter title in English by NoShame Films as part of a box set with La morte cammina i tachi alti (aka Death Walks in High Heels), titled Luciano Ercoli's Death Box Set.


    La morte accarezza a mezzanotte La morte accarezza a mezzanotte 1972 Open Credits YouTube

    Writing for Allmovie, Robert Firsching gave the film one star out of five, calling it "laughably camp fun". Writing for DVD Talk, Stuart Galbraith described the film as having "an exciting knock-down, drag-out climax". Reviewing the film alongside La morte cammina i tachi alti, Galbraith felt that La morte accarezza a mezzanotte had "a stronger, less-predictable screenplay [and] a bit more visual flair" than its companion film; he ultimately rated both films together three-and-a-half stars out of five.


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