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La Vibora

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Park section  Mexico and Spain
Opening date  1987
Opening date  1984 (1984)
Height  18 m
Height restriction  1.07 m
Capacity  1,000 people/hour
Status  Operating
Cost  $9 million
Address  Arlington, TX 76011, USA
Max speed  52 km/h
Opened  1987
Park  Six Flags Over Texas
La Vibora

Status  Relocated to Six Flags Over Texas

Similar  Shock Wave (Six Flags Over Texas), Runaway Mine Train (Six Flags Over Texas), Judge Roy Scream

La Vibora (The Viper) is a steel bobsled roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, United States.


A la vibora de la mar boda


The ride's cars do not run on conventional tubular rails, but instead travel through a winding half-pipe trough that emulates the experience of riding a bobsled. In keeping with the Texas location the theme was changed from an alpine bobsled ride to a snake theme. The name La Vibora translated to English is The Viper. It was first located at Six Flags Magic Mountain under the name Sarajevo Bobsleds in 1984, however, the ride was part of Six Flags' (now defunct) Ride Rotation Program, and the coaster was relocated to Six Flags Over Texas two years later, and opened as the Avalanche Bobsled in 1987. The ride was later renamed La Vibora and painted to resemble a snake to better match the theme of the Spain section of the park.


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