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La Salle Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu

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Number of students
Roughly 1,070 students


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Mdm. Mary Macdalena A. Komuji

Form 1 to Form 5, and Pre-U (Lower 6 and Upper 6)

Vega, Rigel, Capella, Procyon, Agena

Fides et Opera (By Faith and Deeds)

La Salle School, Kota Kinabalu (Malay: Sekolah Menengah La Salle Kota Kinabalu) is a co-educational secondary school for boys and girls (mostly boys) and one of the oldest schools in Kota Kinabalu on the coast of Borneo in East Malaysia.


It was established in 1953 by Father Bernard Davies a Mill Hill Missionary. Despite being a mission school, the students consist of all races regardless of religion.

La Salle Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu is divided into two pieces of land. The Senior Block (form 4 to Form 6), remains at its current location. The Junior Block (Form 1 to Form 3) has been relocated to the new ground to accommodate the increase in student enrolment.

The single-session secondary school is located in Tanjung Aru. It is a few minutes walk from Pekan Tanjung Aru. Next to the Senior Block is SM Stella Maris.


La Salle Secondary School Kota Kinabalu was established in July 1903 as Sacred Heart Primary School by Father Van Der Heyden. The school began with the vision to give wholesome learning to cater to the need of the growing young population. By June 1913, the school had around 50 students which increased to 215 by the year 1923. Between 1941 and 1945, a wooden school building with eight classes was built on the site where the current Sacred Heart Primary School stands.

As the growing interest in education was made aware of, the enrolment of pupils began to increase. The school was registered officially with the North Borneo Education Department on 24 September 1947.

In the early 1950s, the Catholic Mission started the Sacred Heart secondary school and Father Bernard Davies who served as its first Principal. In 1953, the Catholic Mission obtained 3 hectares of land in Tanjung Aru and moved the school to its present location.

By 1958, the La Salle Brothers took over the management of the school with Brother Raphael Egan being the first Principal. On 22 May 1958, Sacred Heart Secondary School was subsequently renamed La Salle Secondary School. This name was derived after the founder, John Baptist De La Salle whose dream for social change to touch the youthful heart was conceptualised.

Around 1951/52, the Catholic Mission established the Sacred Heart Secondary School with Father Davies as the first Principal of the school. In 1953, the Catholic Mission obtained 7.6 acres of land in Tanjung Aru, thus, moving the school to the current site.

The school is affiliated to other Lasallian educational institutions in Malaysia.

School Badge and Rally

The badge of La Salle School, has the shape of a shield. It is divided into three sections. The upper section is dominated by a Star. The crest has close connections with the La Salle Order.

The seal of the Order is a Star on an azure (blue) field (background). The Star, while conveying light, causes us to raise our sights aloft. It has been symbolic of the high ideals we should strive to attain in life. It is a reminder of the star that guided the Three Wise men to Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

On the right side of the wearer of the badge is a small lamp and an open book. The lamp is a symbol of the light of knowledge and the lamp together with the book may be taken as a compound of study or the process of learning.

On the left side or the “Sinister” side, there are three bent bars or chevrons, resembling inverted V’s. The chevrons are the coat of arms of the La Salle family, which refers to an ancestor of the La Salle family whose legs were broken in battle while fighting for his king.

Finally, the motto "Beriman dan Beramal or “Fides et Opera” – i.e. ‘By Faith and Deeds’ reminds us to prove our belief in God and righteousness by doing good.


  • Father Bernard Davies M.H.M (1952–1954)
  • Father. Arthur Crowther M.H.M (1954–1958)
  • Brother Raphael Eagan FSC (1958–1966)
  • Brother Brendan Dunne FSC (1966–1969)
  • Datuk Brother Charles Michael O’Leary FSC (1969–1986)
  • Mr. Stanley Liew Hyuk Hiong (1987–1999)
  • Dr. Edward Miku Tionsu (2000–2003)
  • Mdm. Katherine Philip (2004–2006)
  • Mdm. Julia Willie Jock, ADK, ASDK (2006–2015)
  • Mdm. Mary Macdalena A. Komuji (2016–present)
  • Notable alumni

  • Joseph Pairin Kitingan - former state chief minister
  • Bernard Dompok - former state chief minister
  • Richard Malanjum - current Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak
  • Ahmadshah Abdullah - State Governor from 2003 to 2010
  • Peter Mojuntin - former state cabinet member
  • Archbishop Emeritus Datuk John Lee - Retired Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu Diocese
  • Datuk Salleh Sulong former late state cabinet Minister
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