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La Libertad Region

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Country  Peru
Area  25,499.9 km2
Capital  Trujillo
Colleges and Universities  Cesar Vallejo University
Points of interest  Huaca del Sol, Huanchaco, Huaca de la Luna, Trujillo Cathedral, Plaza de Armas of Trujillo
Destinations  Trujillo, Huamachuco, Chepen, Huanchaco District, Moche - Trujillo

La Libertad is a region in northwestern Peru. Formerly it was known as the Department of La Libertad (), a political division that generally corresponds to a state in the United States of America. It is bordered by the Lambayeque, Cajamarca and Amazonas regions on the north, the San Martin Region on the east, the Ancash and Huanuco regions on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Its capital is Trujillo, which is the nations third biggest city. The regions main port is Salaverry, one of Perus largest ports. The name of the region is Spanish for "freedom" or "liberty"; it was named in honor of the Intendencia of Trujillos proclaiming independence from Spain in 1820 and fighting for that.


Map of La Libertad Region


During the viceroyalty of Peru, the La Libertad region, together with the present-day regions of Lambayeque, Piura and Tumbes regions in Peru, and Guayaquil and El Oro Province in Ecuador, were all within the jurisdiction of the Intendencia de Trujillo. These were included in the domain of the city of Trujillo; together they comprised the Departamento de Trujillo of the viceroyalty.

After the Intendencia joined the emancipation cause and was the first to gain independence from Spain, in 1825 the Congress of the Peruvian republic changed the name to Departmento de la Libertad. Since the late 20th century, Peru has decentralized its government. All former Departments in Peru are now called Regions; their governors are elected, and they have more independent authority in decisionmaking.


La Libertad Region Beautiful Landscapes of La Libertad Region

La Libertad is the only Peruvian region that includes all three natural regions of the nation: coast, Sierra (highlands), and selva (rainforest).

La Libertad Region Beautiful Landscapes of La Libertad Region

Trujillo, the capital, has a strategic location, near where the Andes come closest to the coast. Seen from Trujillo, the Andes appears as a row of low-elevation hills. The Andean Plateau increases altitude sharply to the east, in the provinces of Otuzco and Santiago de Chuco. These two provinces comprise the Pacific hydrographic watershed, which give rise to the Moche and Viru rivers, to the south, and Chicama River to the north. Pacasmayo Province, located more to the north, is along the coast. To the east, Sanchez Carrion Province waterways drain into the Amazon River and thus belong to the Atlantic Ocean watershed.


Some of the main companies in La Libertad Region are the following:

Places of interest

  • Calipuy National Sanctuary
  • Culture

    La Libertad Region Culture of La Libertad Region

    Festivals and events

    La Libertad Region Festival of La Libertad Region
  • Spring Festival
  • Marinera Festival
  • International Calzaferia El Porvenir it is a fair of footwear and in 2012 took place the 10th edition; it is held in El Porvenir city.
  • Regional Fair of the Pineapple it is held in the town of Poroto.
  • Virgin of La Puerta Patronal Feast, the celebration originated in 1664 when it placed the image of the Virgin at the entrance of Otuzco as precaution of the risk of a pirate raid. The main day is celebrated on December 15 every year and in 2012 the feast of Our Lady of the Gate was declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian government.
  • Contradanza, expression cultivated in Huamachuco city, in the villages Urpay, Shiracmaca and Culicanda. This dance in 2012 has been declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian government
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