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La Flèche chicken

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Standard  France (in French)
Comb type  two vertical spikes
Primary use  dual-purpose meat/eggs
Temperament  Wild, Active, Flighty
Egg color  White
Skin color  white
APA  continental
Egg size  Large
Recognized variety  Black
Origin  Sarthe
La Flèche chicken httpswwwomletusimagesoriginalslaflechech
Other names  French: Poule de La Flèche
Weight  Male: Standard: 3.5–4 kg Bantam: 900 g Female: Standard: 3–3.5 kg Bantam: 800 g
Similar  Crèvecœur chicken, Houdan chicken, German Langshan, Kraienkopp, Lakenvelder

The La Flèche, French: Poule de La Flèche, is a rare French breed of dual-purpose domestic chicken. It originates from the Sarthe département, in the Pays de la Loire region, and is named for the town and commune of La Flèche in that area, not far from the capital of the Sarthe, Le Mans. The breed was once famous for the fine quality its meat; since the Second World War, numbers have fallen very low.


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La Flèche chicken Chicken Breeds La Fleche

Many authors date the origins of the La Flèche breed to the fifteenth century. An early description dates from 1846. The breed enjoyed a period of fame and success in the first part of the twentieth century, but, as with all native French breeds other than the Bresse, numbers fell heavily after the Second World War. In the 1960s and 1970s it came close to disappearing. There has since been a gradual recovery. In 2011 a rescue project was launched by the Conservatoire des races animales en Pays de la Loire, the regional animal breed conservation body of the Pays de la Loire region.


La Flèche chicken La Fleche

Their main distinguishing feature is their unusual V-shaped comb. They are of medium size, with males usually weighing between 3.5–4 kg and females weighing between 3–3.5 kg. They have white eggs. They are usually used as ornamental birds, but still are appreciated in high-level restaurants in France for their fine meat.

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La Flèche chicken La Fleche For Sale Chickens Breed Information Omlet
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