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Kurt Ballou

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Kurt Ballou


Kurt Ballou Interview Converge39s Kurt Ballou Dawsons Music

February 1, 1974 (age 50) (

Massachusetts, United States

Musician, recording engineer, producer

Guitar, bass, keyboards, theremin, saxophone, slide guitar, drum kit, melodica

Associated acts
Blue/Green Heart, Converge, The Huguenots, Kid Kilowatt, Supermachiner

Converge: The Long Road Home

Mathcore, Hardcore punk, Metalcore, Indie rock, Experimental rock, Post-rock

Jane Doe, All We Love We Leave Be, Halo in a Haystack, Petitioning the Empty Sky, When Forever Comes C

Similar People
Jacob Bannon, Nate Newton, Ben Koller, Stephen Brodsky, Matt Pike

Music groups
Converge, Supermachiner

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Kurt Ballou (born February 1, 1974) is an American musician and producer, best known as the guitarist from Massachusetts-based band Converge. Aside from his role in Converge, Ballou is a prolific producer, recording and producing out of his own GodCity Studio.


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Personal life

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He is a vegan and follows a straight edge lifestyle.


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Since 1990 Kurt Ballou plays in the metalcore band Converge. From 1996 to 2000 Ballou played in the punk rock band The Huguenots. From 1996 to 1999 Ballou and Stephen Brodsky played in the rock band Kid Kilowatt. In 1998 Ballou established GodCity Studio. From 1999 to 2002 Ballou and Ben Koller played in the punk rock band Blue/Green Heart.

GodCity Studio

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In the late 1990s, Kurt Ballou was working as a biomedical engineer when his then project got cancelled. Instead of selecting a different position within the same company that he had worked with for six years, Ballou opted to receive a severance package which he used to build his own recording studio. His experiences and knowledge in engineering carry over to his recording work. In regards to Ballou's technical precision as a producer Bannon has stated, "nothing gets by him—it is inspiring to watch him work."

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Established in 1998, GodCity Studio is located in Ballou's home state of Massachusetts. One of the earliest recordings from the studio was Cave In's Until Your Heart Stops. In the production of album Ballou deals with all production, engineering, and mastering.

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Ballou has stated that making Jane Doe was huge learning experience for him in terms of engineering and producing due to working with Ellard. Ellard jokingly stated Ballou "watched him like a hawk" during the engineering and producing process.

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In 2005 Ballou remixed and remastered Converge's Petitioning the Empty Sky and When Forever Comes Crashing. Ballou has stated that because of the quality of [Converge's] recordings has improved so much that the original recordings were "becoming distracting". Ballou has also produced and co-produced several Converge albums, including 2001's Jane Doe, 2004's You Fail Me and 2006's No Heroes. He has also produced a number of independent metal and hardcore bands, including Genghis Tron's Board Up the House, Torche's Meanderthal, Disfear's Live the Storm and Darkest Hour's "Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora".

One reason Ballou claimed to get in to the studio side of music was to have "maximum control over [Converge's] music" he further stated, "When we were starting out, no one wanted to help us anyway, so if we didn't take control, nothing was going to get done." Ballou has claimed to admire producers such as Ken Andrews, Martin Bisi, Fred Drake, Steve Albini, and Don Zientara.


  • Guitars commonly used: Wild Customs The Savage One w/ EMG P85 bridge pickup, First Act Custom Sheena Guitar w/ EMG 81 bridge pickup, Warmoth Custom Jazzmaster W/ EMG 89 bridge pickup, First Act Custom Offset-Horns Double-Cutaway, Rickenbacker 650A w/ EMG 81 bridge pickup.
  • Amps commonly used: Orange OR50 head, Orange Rockerverb 100 head, Sparrows Sons overdrive std (aka Sparrow amp), Bad Cat Black Cat head, Bad Cat Lynx head, THD Flexi head, 1978 Marshall 50-watt JMP non-master volume head, Ampeg V-4 head, Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp with Mesa/Boogie 2:90 power amp, Guild Thunderbass.
  • Speaker Enclosures commonly used: Emperor 6x12 cabinet (2), Marshall customized 4x12 cabinet w/ four "Eminence vintage 30 clone" 12-inch speakers, Marshall 8x10 cabinet w/ stock 15-watt Celestions.
  • Effects commonly used: TC Electronic G-SYSTEM, Providence Stampede Distortion, Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer, Akai Headrush, Line 6 MM4, Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay, Boss Heavy Metal, Boss Metal Zone, Boss Tuner, Boss Noise Suppressor.
  • Converge

  • Halo in a Haystack (1994)
  • Petitioning the Empty Sky (1996)
  • When Forever Comes Crashing (1998)
  • Jane Doe (2001)
  • You Fail Me (2004)
  • No Heroes (2006)
  • Axe to Fall (2009)
  • All We Love We Leave Behind (2012)
  • The Huguenots

  • Demo (?) (demo cassette)
  • The Huguenots (1998) (EP)
  • The Huguenots / Sevenpercentsolution (2000) (split with Sevenpercentsolution)
  • Discography (2007)
  • Kid Kilowatt

  • Guitar Method (2004)
  • Blue/Green Heart

  • Self Esteem Through Modern Science (2001) (EP)
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