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Koodanayum Kattu

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Release date
October 31, 1986 (India)

John Paul Puthusery


I. V. Sasi

Music director
Joseph Abraham


Release date
31 October 1986 (1986-10-31)

Koodanayum Kattu (Malayalam)

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Koodanayum Kattu is a 1986 Indian Malayalam film, directed by IV Sasi and produced by Joseph Abraham. The film stars Innocent, Rahman, Mukesh, Rohini and Sankaradi in lead roles. The film had musical score by Shyam.



Iikkiliyudae Mutae Ellam Thaedi Full HD Koodanayum Kattu - YouTube

  • Rahman as Tommy
  • Seetha as Annie
  • Seema as Radhamani
  • Mukesh as james
  • Rohini as Liza
  • Innocent as Charlie
  • Sankaradi
  • Sukumari
  • Plot

    The movie switches between flashback and present. The movie begins at present, with a boat journey in Kerala with writer Radhamani(Seema), Annie( Seetha) and Annie's daughter who have come to Kerala from Bombay for a small tour. They are neighbors in Bombay. Their return flight ticket booked was cancelled by Radhamani as she wants a ship journey, which she is longing for years. They plan to get down at Goa and spend some time there before returning to Bombay.

    They board the ship, which is the same ship that was boarded by Annie and her friends on a trip to one of their college hostel mate Liza's(Rohini) house in Goa, during their college days five years ago. It was during that journey that they meet Tomy(Rahman) and James(Mukesh) who were also travelling to Goa. They had small tit for tat fights in the ship and get down at Goa. By then, Tomy and Annie had a soft corner for each other. Things fall easy for them as Annie's friends house is next to the hotel where Tomy and James stay. They both befriends Liza's parents (Sankaradi and Sukumari). In course of time, Annie and Tomy, as well as James and Liza falls in love as they explore Goa. Tomy had to travel to Bombay to meet his father for some business requirements and both James and Tomy leaves to Bombay in the bullet purchased from Liza's father, promising to return within 4 days. Annie's wait goes in vain as Tomy never returns even after many days and feels cheated and returns back to Kerala to pursue her studies. However she had to discontinue her studies as she discovers that she was pregnant and her mother too dies of this shock leaving her all alone. Her mothers sister who came for the funeral takes her to Bombay, where she gave birth to her daughter and gets employed over there.

    And now, Tomy happens to see their(Radhamani, Annie and Annie'd daughters) picture published in newspaper, and follows them to the ship for this journey. They meet at the ship. Charlie(Innocent) is the room boy/waiter at the ship. Tomy tries to meet Annie a few times to justify himself but Annie never wants to listen as he had ditched her. As Annie tells Tomy that the girl with her is her daughter, and the daughter's father awaits them at Goa, Tomy was shocked and tells that he will be shifting to Frankfurt(where he is the heir of his fathers business) and will never ever come to her life. They drop down at Goa and Tomy travels to Bombay for his departure to Frankfurt.

    Why Tomy didn't come back to meet Annie after four days, and whether Annie can forgive Tomy for the reason behind the same forms the climax.


    The music was composed by Shyam and lyrics was written by Bichu Thirumala.


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