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Kir Royal – Aus dem Leben eines Klatschreporters

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Created by
Helmut Dietl

No. of seasons

Original release
1986 – 1986

Final episode date

Number of episodes

Patrick Süskind

Country of origin

No. of episodes

First episode date

Program creator
Helmut Dietl

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Kir Royal – Aus dem Leben eines Klatschreporters wwwabendzeitungmuenchendemediamedia89778767

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Kir Royal – Aus dem Leben eines Klatschreporters is a six-part television series by Helmut Dietl from the year 1986. This is a parody of the Munich newspaper Abendzeitung, their gossip reporter Michael Graeter and Issuer Anneliese Friedmann. The series about the tabloid reporter Baby Schimmerlos plays in the Munich "Schicki-Micki" scene of the 1980s.


1. Wer reinkommt, ist drin

Gossip reporter Baby Schimmerlos writes a series on the Munich restaurants where the wrong crowd.

His girlfriend Mona forces him to finally submit the expense report in the newspaper for which he writes. The many visits to expensive restaurants beat the money. The two have to renew the floor of your own home. The master craftsman would make a good price if Schimmerlos would write about him in his column, says Mona. Baby rejects the outraged.

Once in the office, is trying to take advantage of more directly. Photographer Herbie wants to bring a young friend, Edda, secretary to the dentist, in the column. Baby puts his foot - he wants to preserve its independence.

During the evening of retribution-seeking industrialist Henry Haffenloher (Mario Adorf) tried in vain to find Baby Schimmerlos to appear in his column, visited this restaurant Champs Elysees. Whose operator is concerned, ill get away, because nothing is going on in the restaurant. He can call together "the usual freeloaders" to get some humor into the store. The plan succeeds, but Mona is annoyed by the lack of ideas and culinary staged happiness - had the same food they have been to the restaurant the day before serving. Haffenloher finds the Champs Elysées by accident but still get by, as there will be dancing on the tables, you can take it not.

The frustrated Haffenloher phoned Schimmerlos' publisher of balance and offers to turn to expensive ads on it, if it occurs in the gossip column. This then blackmailed Schimmerlos, he would get his expenses reimbursed only if Haffenloher appears in the column.

Schimmerlos visited Haffenloher in his hotel. After flattery, threats and bribes directs Schimmerlos asleep. The Champs Elysées is the last night staged again from scratch, and this time, in addition to those already present yesterday, and the master craftsmen and Haffenloher to ask.

In the end all get what they want. Mona her floor, balance of the ads, the wannabes and the publicity restaurateurs. Only Schimmerlos who has acted against his conviction, sits alone in a corner, smoking and drinking, the music of the Can-Can from the operetta Orpheus in the Underworld.

2. Muttertag

Baby Schimmerlos' mother with heart disease and living in poverty is to visit Baby at home to clean his apartment and the boy finally serve up a decent meal, but what she finds is neither Baby nor Mona, but another woman in Baby's bed. Baby's like always on the move in search of the story. A famous actress is said to be pregnant, and Baby can also scheming workers of scare on the set and even threats not to investigate the matter. Finally, he prints, but the news of the pregnancy without any proof. At an official reception, it will be a showdown between Baby, the irate producers and Mona, who has now experienced by Baby's affair, including an evil end for Baby's mother.

3. Das Volk sieht nichts

Baby Schimmerlos think you've landed the big coup. His old friend Hubert Dürkheimer (Boy Gobert), it is intended to help the most prestigious Lake Starnberg wants to build a country club, but for the entire building still lacks a lot that he wants the community not sell it. Baby will occur as a straw man to under his name - funded by his friend Hubert - to buy the property.

But even when the funding is to be reality, Baby realizes that not everything will work out as he dreams it so beautiful. Politicians, old friends, not to mention Mona also make sure that everything turns out differently.

4. Adieu Claire

In Munich, for a change, is finding time no story. Except for a fall fashion taste, even the Edda and Mona is, far and wide, nothing newsworthy in sight. As Baby Schimmerlos becomes desperate to fill a three-quarter page of gossip, even a policeman caught him at Zeitungsklau for research purposes.

When it all seems to go against Baby is fortunately still a promising story. The composer Frederick Danziger is dying and the woman he has loved for 50 years, has lived in France during the Nazi period and has vowed never again to set foot on German soil. Baby researched only in the clinic of the terminally ill and even with Herbie and Mona in Paris to the beloved singer in Germany and then the big thing to bring out. But behind Baby's back pulling the strings and other great journalistic ends, unfortunately, only in a final toast to the Chief of Police.

5. Königliche Hoheit

The Queen of the far country Mandalia (Michaela May) is for a visit in Munich. Herbie and Baby smell, of course, the perfect story, and even research the history of the princess before her arrival. The former hairdresser Munich seems to have omitted nothing in his early years. To make things perfect, rent the two rooms in the hotel next to the queen and find out where things not at all correspond to their category. The Queen is apparently only in Munich in order to strengthen the fight against the opposition in their home country with weapons bought in Germany. Baby is morally by Mona and providing even more problems.

6. Karriere

Baby Schimmerlos is bored by his work and his columns are always thin. Instead, he spies on with Herbie the billionaire Banz. His goal: to uncover the secret perversions of the richest man of the republic. Because of the darkness, but no useful first shots possible. Mona has fun at the same time at a reception and enchanted the guests with her singing. As a child, Mona dreamed of a career as a singer. Animated by her friend Peggy, a music producer, Mona takes on a demo tape, but must first find their own style. Baby is not enthusiastic, because they so neglected her domestic duties. Mrs. von Unruh, meanwhile, makes the search for a successor to Baby. Undeterred, chasing after this with Herbie's story. The patience of the two is eventually rewarded: A lighted carriage passed the two, clad in Banz, as King Louis, and a man dressed as Sissi. Baby senses a sensation. At night it comes between Mona and Baby to a confrontation in which she laments his lack of interest in her and announced, now to make a career. The next morning, Baby faces the decision: its hot story to pursue or chase Mona, which opens itself to act as a singer. He opts for the latter and found provocative Mona and chanson singing in front of an establishment. He expressed his skepticism and even prohibit, Mona wants to sing. Then separate the two. Wife of Unruh's displeasure is meanwhile getting bigger, so she announces Baby in his absence. When trying to sneak in Banz's estate, and Herbie are Baby and asked them to make an interesting offer: half a million for her silence. After a brief dispute Herbie acknowledged the receipt of money. Baby is not enthusiastic about it, just like the fact that Mona's likeness adorns the hoardings in the city. At night, he watched a performance at Mona, is taking nothing.


  • Franz Xaver Kroetz: Baby Schimmerlos
  • Dieter Hildebrandt: photographer Herbie Fried
  • Senta Berger: Mona
  • Billie Zöckler: secretary Edda Pfaff
  • Ruth Maria Kubitschek: Friederike von Unruh
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