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Khun Chai Ronapee

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Genre  DramaFamilyRomance
First episode date  15 June 2013
Network  Channel 3
Number of episodes  11
Directed by  Chatchai Plengpanich
Final episode date  7 July 2013
Number of seasons  1
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Also known as  Khun Chai RonaphiRonapee Juthathep
Starring  James MaChalida Vijitvongthong
Opening theme  "True Love Knows No Time" by: Crescendo
Ending theme  "Don't Tell Me To Go" by: Chinawut Indracusin
Cast  James Ma, Chalida Vijitvongthong, Jirayu Tangsrisuk, Nittha Jirayungyurn, Ranee Campen
Similar  Khun Chai Puttipat, Khun Chai Pawornruj, Khun Chai Taratorn, Khun Chai Ratchanon, Suparburoot Jutathep

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Khun Chai Ronapee (Thai: คุณชายรณพีร์; RTGSKhun Chai Ronnaphi) is a 2013 Thai lakorn part of a 5 drama series called Gentlemen of Juthathep (Thai: สุภาพบุรุษจุฑาเทพ; RTGSSuparburoot Juthathep) directed by Chatchai Plengpanich. This special series made to celebrate ThaiTV3's 43rd anniversary, which assigned five top producers to each make a period drama about the five Jutathep brothers: Khun Chai Taratorn, Khun Chai Pawornruj, Khun Chai Phuttipat, Khun Chai Rachanon and Khun Chai Ronapee. It aired on ThaiTV3 on Friday until Sunday at 20:15 beginning June 15, 2013 for 11 episodes. It stars James Ma and Chalida Vijitvongthong.


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Khun Chai Ronapee Ronnapee Chutathep Episode 1 Part 1 Watch Full Episodes Free

Khun Chai Ronapee (James Ma) is the youngest of the 5 brothers and son of the first wife. He is a daring pilot of the Royal Air Force and known for his playboy attitude. In an attempt to help salvage a friend's relationship, he devised a plan to catch the other woman involved with his friend Piangkwan (Chalida Vijitvongthong). This commoner is an actress who Ronapee believes to be a gold-digger. However, he would soon find himself falling for her determination and love. Ronnapee is willing to sacrifice it all for the woman he loves and his country. In the end, who will save this soldier?

Main characters

  • James Ma as M.R. Ronapee Juthathep (Khun Chai Pee)

  • Khun Chai Ronapee Suparburoot Juthathep Gentlemen of Juthathep Review amp Fia39s Top
    Khun Chai Ronapee is a pilot of the Royal Air Force. His face is sharp and handsome like a real Thai man. He has a player personality as natural to any young handsome man who is endowed with complete fine qualities. But when he finds love, he will be loyal only to his lover. He has a sense of obligation towards his work and responsibilities. When he’s with two of his grandmothers who raised him, he tends to behave like a crybaby.
  • Chalida Vijitvongthong as Piangkwan Junpradab (Kwan)

  • Khun Chai Ronapee vietdub Khun chai ronnapee ep 91 YouTube
    A rising star actress. Beautiful and sweet like a real Thai. Her figure and height is taller than the average Thai woman. She has a strong and persevering heart. Not weak and with her full strength and energy, she makes money to support her family.
    Khun Chai Ronapee Complete Khun Chai Ronnapee Khmer Forums

  • Warintorn Panhakarn as M.R. Taratorn Juthathep (Khun Chai Yai)
  • Tanawat Wattanaputi as M.R. Pawornruj Juthathep (Khun Chai Ruj)
  • Jirayu Tangsrisuk as M.R. Phuttipat Juthathep (Khun Chai Pat)
  • Tanin Manoonsilp as M.R. Rachanon Juthathep (Khun Chai Lek)
  • Ranida Techasit as M.L. Raweeramphai Juthathep (Maprang)
  • Nittha Jirayungyurn as Than Ying Wanrasa Juthathep (Rasa)
  • Ranee Campen as Krongkaew Juthathep Na Ayuthaya (Kaew)
  • Natapohn Tameeruks as Soifah Juthathep Na Ayuthaya (Soifah)
  • Supporting characters

    Khun Chai Ronapee vietdub Khun Chai Ronnapee ep 11 YouTube

  • Jaruwan Panyopas as Grandma Aiet
  • Duangta Tungkamanee as Grandma Oon
  • Esther Supreeleela as M.L. Wilairampa Taewaprom (Rampa)
  • Thagoon Karnthip as Aut
  • Savitree Suttichanond as Junkrapoh
  • Methus Treerattanawareesin as Yodyod
  • Warunya Charoenpornsirisuk as Pim
  • Dilok Thongwattana as M.R. Taewapan Taewaprom
  • Anuwat Niwaswong as Adul
  • Khwanruedi Klom Klom as Napha
  • Arisara Wongchalee as Bulan
  • Thanongsak Supphakan as Date Kamhaeng
  • Santi Santiwechakul as Sia Peng
  • Tik Shiro as Chana
  • Pimkae Goonchorn Na Ayuthaya as Piangkwan's Grandmother
  • Kanokkorn Jaicheun as Bongkot
  • Nuttanee Sittisamarn as Somsri
  • Thipharin Yodthanasawas as Jaew
  • Jakarin Puribhat as Pilot Air force
  • Sasidej Sasiprapha as Pranod
  • Praeva Bunnag as Salakjit
  • Palida Khumwongdee as Chailai
  • Patee Sarasin as Sergeant Lamai
  • --- as Adul’s sister
  • Cameo appearances

  • Songsit Roongnophakunsri as
  • Chintara Sukapatana as M.R. Ubolwan Devaprom Juthathep
  • Piyawadee Maleenont as
  • Jariya Anfone as
  • Prin Suparat as Air force senior
  • Peradon Plengpanich as Air force pilot
  • Kan Phongnua as Air force pilot
  • Peter Varit as Pilot Air force
  • Chomchay Chatwilai as Madam Thongsuk
  • Thipparat Amattayakul as singer (ep 1)
  • Chotika Wongwilas as M.L. Marathee Taewaprom
  • Jaron Sorat as Chatchavee Teawaprom / King Rangsiman (ep 10)
  • Chalitrat Chantharubeksa as Commander
  • Tichakorn Plengpanich as Nurse
  • Duangtawan Sirikon as Teacher
  • Sarut Wijittranon as Prince Wirawong
  • Aphichan Chaleumchainuwong as Sakda
  • Surasak Chaiyaat as Captain
  • Prakasit Bowsuwan as Pumpui / Punya
  • Sikrintarn Plaithuan as Mei Hua
  • Jaturong Kolimart as Pranod's Father
  • Kanin Stanley as Young Adul
  • Ratings

    In the tables below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.


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