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Khawaraoji is a village located in Dausa district of Rajasthan, India


Map of Khawarawji, Rajasthan


Khawaraoji is a village located in Dausa district of Rajasthan, India.It is known for its natural beauty and the old kingdom of chauhan Rajputs. Located about 23 kilometers from the Town Dausa, from the district headquarters towards Sikrai. Khawaraoji is also the origin of famous Bollywood film action director Bhikoo Verma,Pappu Verma,Tinu Verma, jitu verma. Ajit Rajput Khawaraoji Village is located under the Aravali hills which surround the village and the Khawaraoji Fort from 3 sides. It is also known for the mining of the red stones used in the architecture. There are two forts located in Khawaraoji Village one on top of Hills and another on the upper ground surrounded with valleys and mountains.beside the mountain there is very beautiful lake.

Kingdom and rulers

Kingdom of Khawaraoji: Khawaraoji is famous for the Rao Rajpoot Khstriya rulers since the 16th century. There were 210 villages were ruled by the kingdom. Khwaraoji was the independent kingdom and was not working under Mughals, Jaipur Kingdom or Under British Kingdom. Khawaraoji is also a so-called Thikana for the Rajpoot Khstriyas. Kingdom was established in 800 AD. Right now Rao vishwak singh ji is the King. Old Fort is constructed as a heritage hotel (Hotel Khawa Palace) with old structure and old heritage.

Khawaraoji Fort (Hotel Khawa Palace)

Khawaraoji Fort located on the upper ground of the village has a history of 365 years. Thakur Karan Singh built this palace in the 16th century to rule the Kingdom of Khawaraoji. Fort is surrounded by Amol Ghati and 3 side mountains and gives a panoramic view. With lake in back of mountains and desert in side it is a treat for the visitors it provides wonderful view during rainy season in when mountains are surrounded by green flora and springs behind and to side of the palace. Currently Palace is converted in Luxury Heritage hotel with name Hotel Khawa Palace, horse riding, bird watching. There were many movies and serials shot in the palace including Anhoni (Ramsey Brothers), Mahima Khatushyam Ki.


Khawaraoji is located near various tourist attractions of Golden Tourism triangle of India (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra). With 72 km from Jaipur Airport, 110 km from Sariska Tiger National Park, 23 km from Dausa, 85 km from Ajabgarh-Bhangarh, 90 km from Ranthambore National Park, 35 km from Abhaneri and on the Jaipur Agra Highway. The location is well connected with roads. Hotel Khawa Palace is situated in between 3 side mountains with an Old Temple and an ancient cave between mountains.


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