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Khaled (musician)

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Khaled Ibrahim

Native name
خالد حاج إبراهيم


Rai, pop, blues, jazz

Birth name
Khaled Hadj Ibrahim

Samira Diabi (m. 1995)

Khaled (musician) Khaled The King Of Rai NPR

29 February 1960 (age 63) (

Sidi El Houari, Oran, Algeria

Singer-songwriter, instrumentalist

100% Arabic, Taha, Khaled, Faudel: 1, 2, 3 Soleils, Art'n Acte Production

Hafla, C'est la vie, Sahra, Kenza, 1 - 2 - 3 Soleils


Also known as
Cheb Khaled, Khaled

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim (Arabic: خالد حاج إبراهيم‎‎, born 29 February 1960), better known by his stage name Khaled, is an Algerian-Moroccan musician, singer and songwriter born in Oran. He began recording in his early teens under the name Cheb Khaled (الشاب خالد, Arabic for "Young Man" Khaled, as opposed to the traditionalist Sheikh elders) and has become the most internationally famous Algerian singer in the Arab world and across many continents. His popularity has earned him the unofficial title "King of Raï". His most famous songs are "Didi", "Aïcha" and "C'est la vie" as well as "Alech Taadi", which was prominently featured in the feature film The Fifth Element.


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Khaled - Didi (Official Video)


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Khaled Hadj Ibrahim was born in 1960 in Oran's Eckmühl neighborhood, Algeria. At the age of 14, he founded the Cinq Étoiles (Five Stars) band and started performing in nightclubs and at weddings.

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In the 1980s, Khaled started producing and singing raï songs. He moved to France in 1986.

On 12 January 1995, Khaled married Samira Diabi, 27, with whom he has four daughters and one son.

In 1998, the documentary Khaled: Derrière le sourire was produced, recounting his life.

He was awarded Moroccan citizenship in August 2013, which he didn't ask for but accepted because he felt he could not refuse.

International audience

Khaled's signature song, the 1993 hit "Didi", became extremely popular in the Arabic-speaking countries and also in several other continents, including Europe, where it entered top charts in France, Belgium and Spain, and in Asia, including India and Pakistan. The song was also used in a Bollywood films Shreeman Aashiq and Airlift and a Mollywood film titled Highway. Khaled and producer Don Was appeared on The Tonight Show on 4 February 1993. The latter track, which saw heavy rotation on MTV Europe, climbed to fourth on the charts in Germany. Known as the "King of Rai", Khaled is a winner of numerous awards, and has sold over 80.5 million albums worldwide including 10 diamond, platinum, and gold albums. In 2010 he performed Didi at the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, making him one of the best selling Arabic language artists in history. Khaled's music also experienced great popularity in Brazil, on the late 90's and early 00's, greatly due to the usage of some of his songs in TV shows. In 2012 Khaled’s album C’est la vie sold more than one million copies in the European market alone after only two months and sold 2.2 million copies in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as 200,000 in the United States, for an estimated 4.6 million worldwide sales. With a record million downloads of the hit single "C'est la vie" on European and Canadian iTunes, the album reached number 5 on the Billboard top France Songs. The album contains a message of tolerance, love and peace, staying away from the themes of conflict that many other artists in the Arab world explore. Khaled tried to convey what Algerian immigrants suffer in Europe through the album and believes this is the reason behind the album's huge commercial success. C’est la vie was Khaled’s first album after a five-year break from recording during 2011 presidential elections in France and the Arab Spring.


This discography does not include a number of albums released on cassette in Algeria early in his career, and several bootleg/unofficial albums.

Live albums


Compilation albums

  • 1988: Ya Taleb
  • 1991: Le Meilleur de Cheb Khaled
  • 1993: S'hab El Baroud
  • 1994: Le Meilleur de Cheb Khaled 2
  • 1994: Kaisse Wa Laila
  • 2005: Forever King
  • 2005: Spirit of Rai
  • 2005: Les Années Rai
  • 2006: Salou Ala Nabi
  • 2006: Maghreb soul - Cheb Khaled Story 1986–1990
  • 2006: Anajit Anajit
  • 2007: Best of Khaled
  • 2009: Rebel of Raï - The Early Years
  • 2010: Cheb Khaled - Double Best
  • Singles

    Featured (charting hits only)


  • 1997 100% Arabica
  • 2003 Art'n Acte Production
  • Awards

    Below is a chronological list of awards won by Khaled

  • 1985 The first prize of rai music (KING) Oran
  • 1989 best song (Chebba) in France
  • 1989 top 100 best album in 20th century (kutché)
  • 1992 top 50 Mtv AMERICA (didi)
  • 1992 World Music Awards (didi)
  • 1992 Mtv India Awards (didi)
  • 1993 Venice Film Festival 50th - (Un, deux, trois, soleil)
  • 1994 César Award - best movie soundtrack
  • 1995 Victoires de la Musique (Artist of the Year)
  • 1997 World Music Awards (Song of the year) (Sahra album)
  • 1997 Victoires de la Musique (Song of the year) ("Aicha")
  • 1997 African Grammys best North African singerKora Awards ("Aïcha")
  • 1998 le Prix européen MTV Europe Music Awards
  • 1999 World Music Awards (1,2,3 Soleils) shared with Rachid Taha and Faudel
  • 2004 Grammy jam Awards (Khaled and Carlos Santana) ("Love to the people")
  • 2005 R3 Awards BBC Awards for World Music - (Mid East & North Africa Winner)
  • 2005 Montreal International Jazz Festival (The Antonio Carlos-Jobim Award)
  • 2005 ImagineNations and DC Internationals (Empowering Award, for spreading the message of peace)
  • 2006 The Mediterranean Prize for Creativity
  • 2008 Award Dutch Virsti - German Academy of Music
  • 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards creativity
  • 2009 NME Awards 2009 (meilleur duo) avec Magic System
  • 2009 MGM Awards (highest-selling Arab album in history) (The legendary) (Las Vegas)
  • 2010 Big Apple Music Awards (best Arab artist selling in United States)
  • 2009 European Hot 100 singles 2009 (Billboard Awards) (with Magic System)
  • 2012 France Digital Songs (Billboard Awards) ("C'est La Vie")
  • 2012 African Grammys best North African singer ("C'est La Vie") Kora Awards
  • 2013 Victoires de la Musique ("C'est La Vie")
  • 2013 World Music Awards ("C'est La Vie")
  • 2013 Murex D'Or 2013 - Best International Song & Best International Singer - Cheb Khaled - ("C'est La Vie")
  • 2013 Rabab d’or prix d'honneur - Maroc Festival International Al Ansra de M’diq ("C'est La Vie")
  • 2013 Festival international de la musique kabyle à Tanger festival Touiza MAROC 2013 ("C'est La Vie")
  • XLII Universal Music Award- vienna 2016 ("C'est La Vie") best song
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