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Keio Flying Squadron (series)

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Games  Keio Flying Squadron, Keio Flying Squadron 2, Rami‑chan no Oedo Sugoroku

Keio Flying Squadron (慶応遊撃隊, Keiōyūgekitai) is a series of video games developed by Victor Entertainment and released for the Sega/Mega CD, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation consoles. The series consists of three games and one bonus disc, with each game being of different genre. The first is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up, the second a platformer, and finally a party game.


Keio Flying Squadron (series) Keio Flying Squadron 2 Darkwater Sega Saturn Downloads The

Players take on the role of Rami Nana-Hikari, a 14-year-old girl who is the newly appointed Secret Keeper of Treasure, a sphere that unlocks a gold reserve set deep in a mountain. The games refer to Japanese culture, both ancient and modern simultaneously.

Keio Flying Squadron (series) Keio Flying Squadron Box Shot for Sega CD GameFAQs

Keio Flying Squadron 2

Keio Flying Squadron 2 (慶応遊撃隊活劇編, Keiōyūgekitai Katsugekihen) was released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn in Japan, Europe, and Australia. The second installment of the series continues the story of Rami's adventures as the Keeper of the Secret Treasure (a sphere passed down through generations of Rami's family). Rami races Dr. Pon and a new rival Himiko Yamatai for an ancient treasure that can be unlocked with six spheres. Two of the stages retain the shoot-'em-up style of the first game, but the lesser dragons can be obtained as bonuses only.

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Mainly the stages consist of sidescrolling platformer stages. These scroll from right to left on the Japanese version and left to right on all other versions. Several bonuses can be collected including three weapons (Rami can also bounce on the heads of enemies to defeat them):

Keio Flying Squadron (series) Keio Flying Squadron 2 Saturn YouTube
  • A large mallet, used only for hitting enemies
  • An umbrella, used to hit enemies, float and deflect overhead obstacles
  • A bow, used to shoot arrows at enemies.

  • Besides the platformer and shoot-'em-up stages, there is vertically scrolling special stages, an underwater stage and a rollercoaster stage, making the game a multi-genre platformer. Points spheres can be collected throughout the game. A reward system accessed from the main menu unlocked helpful hints and behind-the-scenes extras depending on the highest and lowest scores achieved through playing.

    This game also featured animated cut scenes. Provided by Studio Pierrot, who provided the animation for the cut scenes in the first game.

    Keio Yuugekitai Okiraku Tamatebako

    Keiōyūgekitai Okiraku Tamatebako (慶応遊撃隊お気楽玉手箱) was a "not for resale" Sega Saturn disc only available in Japan in 1996. The disc contains higher quality versions of both the opening and ending FMV sequences of the first game, demo levels from the second game, and an art gallery available both in-game and separately, being accessible on the CD via a personal computer.

    Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku

    Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku ~Keno Yuugekitai Gaiden~ (蘭未ちゃんの大江戸すごろく慶応遊撃隊外伝) is a party game released only in Japan on the Sony PlayStation on September 17, 1998. The title roughly translates to "Rami-chan's Big Edo Sugoroku - a Keio Yuugekitai Sidestory." Edo is the old name of Tokyo.


    Japanese names are given in the western order, given name first.

  • Rami Nana-Hikari - Grandchild of an ancient family with the mission of guarding the key that opens the Ark, Rami wears a traditional Kimono at the beginning of the first game, and later changes into the "Super Ultra Cute Battle Suit" that is nothing more than a bunny girl costume, complete with bunny ears and tail. In the English version of the games she is said to be an adult, while in the Japanese version she is a child. Voiced by Miho Kanno (Japanese); Samantha Paris (English).
  • Spot - Rami's pet, always loyal but as lazy as its owner. Spot has no problems with flying and shooting fireballs. Spot is called Pochi in Japanese releases of the series.
  • Himiko Yamatai - Rami's rival, first appearing in Keio Flying Squadron 2, is a princess who claims the spheres rightfully belong to her royal family. She pilots robots called Psy-vee. Himiko is a year younger than Rami according to the English manual of Keio Flying Squadron 2 which would make her 13. Voiced by Mika Kanai.
  • Dr. Pon Eho - A super intelligent raccoon that stole Rami's sphere from her. His IQ is 1400. He is a member of Greenpeace. Voiced by Jôji Yanami (Japanese); Roger L. Jackson (English).
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