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Kazimierz Braun

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Name  Kazimierz Braun
Siblings  Juliusz Braun
Role  Director
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People also search for  Grzegorz Braun, Jerzy Braun, Juliusz Braun, Monika Braun, Zofia Braun, Aleksandra Gruziel
Children  Monika Braun, Grzegorz Braun

Part 1 maximilian s cell by kazimierz braun a play performed at st hedwig church in dunkirk ny

Kazimierz Braun (born June 29, 1936, Mokrsko Dolne, Poland) – Polish director, writer, scholar



Kazimierz Braun earned his Master in Polish Literature at Poznan University, Poland (1958), and Master in Directing, at Warsaw School of Drama (1962). He earned Ph.D. in Letters at Poznan University (1971), Ph. D. in Theatre (in Poland: habilitacja) at Wroclaw University, and Ph. D. in Directing (in Poland: habilitacja) at Warsaw School of Drama (1988). He became Full Professor with Tenure at University at Buffalo, USA (1989), and Professor, Polish State Title (1992).

He made his debut as professional theatre director in1961, and as professional television director in 1962. He directed in Teatr Polski, Warsaw, Teatr Wybrzeze, Gdansk, Teatr Slowackiego, Krakow, Teatr Solskiego, Tarnow, as well as in Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the USA. He was Artistic Director of Teatr Osterwy, Lublin (1967-1971), and General and Artistic Director of the same (1971-1974). He was General and Artistic Director of Teatr Wspolczesny (Contemporary Theatre) in Wroclaw (1975-1984). He was fired by the Communist authorities because of his oppositional activities. Since 1985, he worked and lived in the USA. He directed at The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, Chicago Actors Ensemble, Kavinoky Theatre in Buffalo, and academically. To his most outstanding works cycles of shows were being ranked according to. of pieces C. Norwid (13 shows), T. Rozewicz (19 shows), Shakespeare'a (12 shows in tongues Polish and English), and Grandfathers A. Mickiewicz (twice) and Plague according to. A. Camus and Anna Livia according to. J. Joyce'a and other. He taught at Wroclaw University, New York University, Swarthmore College, University of California Santa Cruz, and University at Buffalo. He had workshops for directors in Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, and the United States. He cooperated with Polish companies in Canada and the USA.

In his theatre works Kazimierz Braun calls upon the traditions of Appia, Craig, Wyspianski, and Osterwa. He creates productions based on his own idea of „Theatre of Communion” which strives for transformation of both actors and spectators into one creative group. He achieves that by setting special inter-human relations during the action, and building the performance’s space unifying all present. As prose and drama writer, he uses the style and means of “Historical Fiction”, with real events and characters of real persons as a foundation for a complex symbolic and spiritual edifice. In his theatre history books he focuses on the relationships between aesthetic and both social and political conditions and circumstances of theatre life.

He translated from English, French, and Italian into Polish, and from Polish, French, and Russian into English.

Family life

His father, Juliusz Braun, was Doctor of Law, Professor of Ecology, Catholic Activist, and Stalinist’s political prisoner. His mother was Elzbieta Korwin-Szymanowska. Both died in 1990. He married Zofia Reklewska, writer and theatre historian.Their children are: dr. Monika Braun, writer and academic, Grzegorz Braun, filmmaker and writer, and dr. Justyna Braun, academic. Their garnd daughters are: Anna, Joanna, Aniela, Zofia and Elzbieta.

Theatre and academic career

  • Assistant to the Director, Teatr Wspolczesny, Warszawa, 1958-1961
  • Director, Teatr Wybrzeze, Gdansk, 1961-1964
  • Director, Teatr Polski, Warszawa, 1962-1964
  • Director, Teatr Horzycy, Torun, 1965-1967
  • Artistic Director, Teatr Osterwy, Lublin, 1967-1972
  • General Manager & Artistic Director, Teatr Osterwy, Lublin, 1972-1974
  • General Manager & Artistic Director, Teatr Wspolczesny, Wroclaw, 1975-1984
  • Associate Professor, Wroclaw University, 1975-1985
  • Associate Professor, Krakow/Wroclaw School of Drama, 1977-1985
  • Visiting Professor, New York University, 1985
  • Visiting Professor, Swarthmore College, 1985-1986
  • Regents Professor, University of California, 1986
  • Associate Professor, University at Buffalo, 1987-1989
  • Professor, University at Buffalo, 1989-2015
  • Professor, Polish State Title, 1992
  • Directing

  • 1961, Karol, On the Sea, Strip-tease, Mrozek, Gdansk
  • 1962, The Ring of a Great Lady, Norwid, Warsaw (also Television Theatre, 1963)
  • 1962, Two Theatres, Szaniawski, Warsaw (also Television Theatre, 1972)
  • 1963, Caucasian Chock Circle, Brecht, Gdansk
  • 1963, Romeo and Julia, Shakespeare, Warszawa
  • 1965, The Wedding, Wyspianski, Torun
  • 1967, November’s Night, Wyspianski, Gdansk
  • 1968, Hamlet, Shakespeare, Lublin (also Wroclaw, 1985)
  • 1968, Kleopatra and Cezar, Norwid, Lublin (also Television Theatre, 1968)
  • 1970, Interrupted Act, Rozewicz, Lublin, (also Television Theatre, 1970)
  • 1970, Behind the Wings, Norwid, Krakow, (also Television Theatre, 1966)
  • 1971, The Ashes, Zeromski, directors’ adaptation, Television Theatre
  • 1972, Card Index, Rozewicz (also Sofia, Bulgaria, 1978; South Bend, Indiana,1982)
  • 1972, The Deliverance, Wyspianski, Lublin
  • 1973, The Old Woman, Rozewicz, Lublin (also Television Theatre, 1976; Dublin, Ireland, 1983)
  • 1976, Anna Livia, Joyce, Wroclaw
  • 1977, Operetta, Gombrowicz, Wroclaw
  • 1978, The Forefathers’ Eve, Mickiewicz (full text), Wroclaw
  • 1979, Birth Rate, Rozewicz, directors’ adaptation, Wroclaw, (also Chicago, 1989)
  • 1982, The Forefathers’ Eve, Mickiewicz, director’s adaptation, Wroclaw
  • 1982, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare, Wroclaw (also Esslingen, Germany, 1982)
  • 1983, The Plague, Camus, director’s adaptation, Wroclaw (also Chicago, 1988)
  • 1984, The Trap, Rozewicz, Wroclaw
  • 1986, Rhinoceros, Ionesco, Minneapolis
  • 1987, The Hunger Artist, Rozewicz, Buffalo
  • 1988, The Shoemakers, Witkacy, Los Angeles
  • 1989, King Lear, Shakespeare, Buffalo
  • 1990, Immigrant Queen, Braun, Toronto
  • 1991, As You Like It, Shakespeare, Buffalo
  • 1995, Tango, Mrozek, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • 1996, A Man for All Seasons, Bolt, Buffalo
  • 1999, Richard III, Shakespeare, Buffalo
  • 2003, Europe, Jerzy Braun, Tarnow
  • 2004, Paderewski’s Children, Braun, Buffalo
  • 2006, The Fall of a Stone House, Brandstaetter, Tarnow
  • 2006, Card Index Scattered, Rozewicz, Buffalo
  • 2008, The Tales of Pola Negri, Braun, Toronto
  • 2010, The Book of Christopher Columbus, Claudel, Steubenville, Ohio
  • 2011, Father Maximilian’s Cell, Braun, Tarnow
  • 2012, Ordonka’s Mysteries, Braun, Toronto
  • 2012, The Power and the Glory, Greene, director’s adaptation, Buffalo
  • 2013, The Tempest, Shakespeare, Buffalo
  • In 1961-2014, 154 plays directed

    Scholarly books

  • 1967, Teofil Trzcinski, with z Zofia Reklewska-Braun, PIW, Warszawa
  • 1971, Cyprian Norwid’s Theatre Without Theatre, PIW, Warszawa
  • 1972, Theatre of Communion, Wyd. Literackie, Krakow
  • 1975, New Theatre in the World, WaiF, Warszawa
  • 1979, The Second Reform of Theatre, Ossolienum, Wroclaw
  • 1982, Theatre Space, PWN, Warszawa
  • 1984, The Great Reform of Theatre, Wroclaw, Ossolineum
  • 1994, Polish Theatre 1939-1989, Semper, Warszawa
  • 1996, A History of Polish Theatre 1939-1989, Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut
  • 2000, Theatre Directing, Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York
  • 2003, A Concise History of Polish Theatre, Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York
  • 2005, A Concise History of American Theatre, Wyd. UAM, Poznan
  • 2010, Lady Designer. Jadwiga Pozakowska, Muzeum Narodowe, Gdansk
  • 2011, Brothers Adamowicz,with z Zofia Reklewska-Braun, Wyd. Uniw. Rzeszowskiego
  • 2013, My Rozewicz’s Theatre, Wyd. Uniw. Rzeszowskiego
  • 2014, My Norwid’s Theatre, Wyd. Uniw. Rzeszowskiego
  • In 1967-2014, 21 scholarly books

    Literary books

  • 1989, The Monument, A Novel, Instytut Literacki, Paryz
  • 1993, Helena, the Story of Modjeska, A One-woman Drama, High Park Press, Toronto
  • 1996, Farewell to Alaska, A Novel, PAX, Warszawa
  • 1996, The Story of Norwid, A One-man Drama, Bernardinum, Pelplin
  • 1999, Day of Witness, A Novel, Wyd. 4K, Bytom
  • 2003, A Bird on Stilts, Short Stories, Wyd. A. Marszalek, Torun
  • 2005, Day of Witness, A Novel, (enlarged version), Wyd. Sw. Wojciecha, Poznan
  • 2006, Radiation, A Play, Archiwum Emigracji, Torun
  • 2008, Ten Days in Peoples’ Poland, Memoires, Norbertinum, Lublin
  • 2011, Maximilianus, A Play, Wyd. Bratni Zew, Krakow
  • 2011, Tarnow’s Wind of Freedom, A Play, Wyd. Biblioteka Publiczna, Tarnow
  • 2013, Good Priests, with Zofia Reklewska-Braun, Bernardinum, Pelplin
  • In 1989-2011, 20 literary works (novels, poetry, short stories, and memoires)


  • 1963, Award for Director, Caucasian Chock Circle, Brecht, Torun Theatre Festival
  • 1964, Award for Director, Enchanted Circle, Rydel, Television Theatre Festival
  • 1965, Award for Director, Actor, Norwid, 1965, Television Theatre Festival
  • 1965, Award for Director, Actor, Norwid, Kalisz Theatre Festival
  • 1966, Award for Director, The Wedding, Wyspianski, Torun Theatre Festival
  • 1970, Award for Director, Interrupted Act, Rozewicz, Kalisz Theatre Festival
  • 1979, Award for the Mise-en-Scene, Operetta, Gombrowicz, International Theatre Festival, Sitges, Spain
  • 1980, „Golden Fredro”, Award for Director, Birth Rate, Rozewicz, Wroclaw
  • 1980, Japanese Foundation Award
  • 1984, „Golden Fredro” Award for Director, The Plague, Camus, Wroclaw
  • 1985, Independent Culture Award, Poland
  • 1990, The Guggenheim Foundation Award, USA
  • 1996, Award for Director, Best Production in Buffalo, A Man for All Seasons, Bolt
  • 2000, Aurum Literary Award, Toronto, Canada
  • 2001, The Fulbright Foundation Award, USA
  • 2003, The Turzanski Foundation Award, Canada
  • 2004, Minister of Education Award, Poland
  • 2005, Polish-American Congress Annual Award
  • 2011, „Golden Awl”, Wien, Austria
  • Decorations

  • 1971, National Culture Badge of Merits
  • 1976, Medal for Educational Theatre
  • 1978, Golden Cross of Merits
  • 1997, Chivalry Cross of the Polish Order of Merits
  • 2005, Polish Culture Medal of Merits
  • 2005, Officer’s Cross of the Polish Order of Merits
  • 2007, „Gloria Artis” Golden Medal
  • 2011, Commander’s Cross of the Polish Order of Merits
  • References

    Kazimierz Braun Wikipedia

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