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Kaihimmakuhari Station

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Operated by  JR East
Platforms  2 island platforms
Station code  JE13
Opened  3 March 1986
Line(s)  Keiyō Line
Connections  Bus terminal
Address  Japan
Tracks  4
Kaihimmakuhari Station
Location  Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture Japan
Similar  Makuhari Messe, Makuharihongō Station, Soga Station, Inagekaigan Station, Makuhari Station

Kaihimmakuhari Station (海浜幕張駅, Kaihin-makuhari-eki) is a railway station in Mihama-ku, Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).



Kaihimmakuhari Station is served by the Keiyō Line and is the turnaround point for many local trains to and from Tokyo Station. It is also served by Musashino Line trains to and from Fuchūhommachi during rush hours.

Some Uchibō Line limited express Sazanami and some Sotobō Line limited express Wakashio services stop at this station. JR periodically offers additional limited express trains to Tokyo Station during major events at Makuhari Messe, such as the Tokyo Motor Show and CEATEC.

Station layout

Kaihimmakuhari Station is an elevated station with two island platforms serving four tracks. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.


Platforms 2 and 3 are used by stopping trains to allow non-stop trains to pass.


Kaihimmakuhari Station opened on 3 March 1986.

Passenger statistics

In fiscal 2015, Kaihimmakuhari Station was used by an average of 63,225 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).

Surrounding area

  • Makuhari Messe convention centre
  • Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari
  • Aeon Mall Makuhari New City
  • Aeon headquarters
  • NTT Makuhari Building
  • Kanda University of International Studies
  • Teikyo Heisei University Makuhari Campus
  • Chiba College of Health Science Makuhari Campus
  • The Open University of Japan
  • Makuhari Junior and Senior High School
  • Showa Gakuin Shuei Junior and Senior High School
  • Wangan-Chiba IC of the Higashi-Kantō Expressway
  • Hamada River
  • Highway buses

  • Airport Limousine; For Narita International Airport (Keisei Bus, Chiba City Bus, Narita Airport Transport)
  • Airport Limousine; For Haneda Airport (Airport Transport Service, Keihin Kyuko Bus, Keisei Bus, Chiba City Bus)
  • For Suigo-Itako, Kashima Shrine, Kashimajingū Station (Kantō Railway)
  • Strawberry Liner; For Gumyō Station, Narutō Station (Chiba Flower Bus)
  • For Shisui Premium Outret (Chiba Flower Bus, Chiba Green Bus)
  • For Fuji-Q Highland, Kawaguchiko Station (Keisei Bus, Fujikyu Yamanashi Bus)
  • Yamato; For Tenri Station, Nara Station, Kintetsu-Kōriyama Station, Chūgū-ji, Hōryū-ji, and Goidō Station (Keisei Bus Nara Kotsu)
  • For Ōtsu Station, Yamashina Station, Sanjō Station, and Kyōto Station (Chiba Chuo Bus)
  • For Senri-Chūō Station, Shin-Ōsaka Station, Umeda Station, and Sannomiya Station (Keisei Bus)
  • South Wave; For Sakaihigashi Station, Sakai Station, Izumigaoka Station, Wakayama Station, and Wakayamashi Station (Narita Airport Transport, Wakayama Bus)
  • Local bus services

  • No.1
  • Maku 01: for Makuharihongō Station via Driving License Center (Keisei Bus)
  • No.2
  • Maku 01: for ZOZO MARINE STADIUM and Medical Center (Keisei Bus)
  • Kai 53: for ZOZO MARINE STADIUM (Keisei Bus)
  • Maku 01: for Makuhari Messe Chūō (Keisei Bus)
  • No.3
  • Kai 61: for Shin-Narashino Station (Keisei Bus)
  • Kai 62: for New City Office (Keisei Bus)
  • Aeon 62: for New City Office via Aeon Mall Makuhari New City Family Mall (Keisei Bus, Chiba City Bus)
  • Aeon 63: for Aeon Mall Makuhari New City Family Mall (Keisei Bus, Chiba City Bus)
  • Aeon 65: for Aeon Mall Makuhari New City Family Mall via Aeon Mall Makuhari New City Aeon Style Entrance (Keisei Bus, Chiba City Bus)
  • No.4
  • Kai 01, 02, 03, 11: Baytown circular route (Town Route) (Keisei Bus)
  • No.5
  • Kai 21, 22, 23, 31: Baytown circular route (Marine Route) (Keisei Bus)
  • Kai 02, 03, 22: High-tech-dōri Street circular route (Keisei Bus)
  • Kai 51: for Keisei Makuhari Station via High-tech-dōri Street (Keisei Bus)
  • Kai 52, 53: for Keisei Makuhari Station (Keisei Bus)
  • No.6
  • Maku 22: for Makuharihongō Station via KUIS and Columbus City (Keisei Bus)
  • Yachi 02: for Yachiyodai Station (Keisei Bus)
  • South Exit No.1
  • Kai 21, 22, 23: for Kaihimmakuhari Station via Baytown circular route (Marine Route) (Keisei Bus)
  • South Exit No.2
  • Kai 01, 02, 03, 11, 21, 22, 23, 31: for Kaihimmakuhari Station (Keisei Bus)
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