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Shin Ōsaka Station

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Address  Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Opened  1964
Shin-Ōsaka Station
Location  Nishinakajima Gochome, Yodogawa, Osaka, Osaka (大阪市淀川区西中島五丁目) Japan
Operated by  JR West JR Central Osaka Municipal Subway
Similar  Ōsaka Station, Nishinakajima‑Minamigata Station, Umeda Station, Kyōbashi Station, Yodoyabashi Station

Shin-Osaka Station (新大阪駅, Shin-Ōsaka-eki, literally New Osaka Station) is a railway station in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan. It is the western terminus of the high-speed Tokaido Shinkansen line from Tokyo, and the eastern terminus of the Sanyo Shinkansen. The lines are physically joined, and many trains offer through service.


Shin-Osaka is about 3 km from the older Osaka Station. The new station was built in 1964 to avoid the engineering difficulties of running Shinkansen lines into the center of the city. The JR Kyoto Line and subway Midōsuji Line provide convenient connections to other stations around the city center.


  • JR Kyoto Line (Tokaido Main Line, West Japan Railway Company (JR West))
  • Sanyō Shinkansen (JR West)
  • Osaka Higashi Line (JR West, To be completed in 2018)
  • Tōkaidō Shinkansen (Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central)
  • Osaka Municipal Subway Midōsuji Line (M13)
  • Station layout

    The JR station consists of four island platforms serving eight tracks for JR West Lines at ground level, with two side platforms and three island platforms serving eight Shinkansen tracks operated by JR Central located on the fourth level, over the platforms and tracks for the JR West Lines in the east. There was a space on the east side of former Track 18 from the opening of the station, where another platform serving current Tracks 17 and 18 is located, and the existing services will be shifted eastward one platform at a time (and renovations performed on each newly vacated platform), with the westernmost platform to be used by services on the Osaka Higashi Line, scheduled to commence by the end of fiscal 2018. On the north side of the station, an additional Shinkansen platform serving Track 27 was located on March 16, 2013. (This northern area was originally reserved for a connection from Awaji Station and Jūsō Station by Hankyu Railway, but these plans were later cancelled and the space unused.)

    Limited express trains

    for the Hokuriku Line
  • Thunderbird: Osaka - Kanazawa, Toyama, Uozu, Wakura Onsen
  • for the Tokaido Line, the Chuo Line, and the Takayama Line
  • Shinano: Osaka - Nagano
  • Hida: Osaka - Takayama
  • Biwako Express: Osaka - Maibara
  • for the Hanwa Line, the Kansai Airport Line, and the Kinokuni Line
  • Haruka: Maibara, Kyoto - Kansai Airport
  • Kuroshio: Kyoto, Shin-Osaka - Shirahama, Shingu
  • for the Fukuchiyama Line
  • Kounotori: Shin-Osaka - Fukuchiyama, Toyooka, Kinosaki Onsen
  • for the Sanin region via the Chizu Express Chizu Line
  • Super Hakuto: Kyoto - Tottori, Kurayoshi
  • Station layout

    This station has one island platform with two tracks on the third level, located to the west of the platforms and tracks for the Shinkansen.

    Inside of the station

  • Nippon Travel Agency TiS Shin-Osaka
  • JR Tokai Tours Shin-Osaka Branch
  • Osaka Prefectural Police, Railway Police Force Shin-Osaka
  • Foods, Restaurants

  • Osaka Noren Meguri (in the paid area for the Shinkansen)
  • North

  • Shin-Osaka Hankyu Building
  • Mielparque Osaka
  • Hotel La Foret Osaka
  • Via Inn Shin-Osaka West
  • Konami Sports Club
  • South

  • Nissin Foods
  • Shin-Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza
  • Osaka Prefectural Police, Railway Police Force Headquarters
  • East (Hinode Side)

  • Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel
  • Shin-Osaka Station Hotel
  • Life Corporation
  • References

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