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Kaalam Maari Pochu (1996 film)

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Language  Tamil
Director  V. Sekhar
Country  India

Release date  13 April 1996 (1996-04-13)

Kaalam Maari Pochu (English:Times have changed) is a 1996 Tamil comedy film directed by V. Sekhar. The film features Pandiarajan, Sangita, Vadivelu, Kovai Sarala, R. Sundarrajan and Rekha in lead roles. The film had musical score by Deva and was released on 13 April 1996 and emerged as one of the blockbusters of 1996. The film was remade in Malayalam as Arjunan Pillayum Anchu Makkalum and in Kannada as Ellara Mane Dosenu and in Telugu as Family.



Sadagopan (Vinu Chakravarthy) and Meenakshi (Vadivukkarasi) have four daughters and a son. Sadagopan searches grooms for his educated three elder daughters and with the Iyer (Venniradai Moorthy), they finally find them. His three daughters Indra (Sangita), Sundari (Kovai Sarala) and Lakshmi (Rekha) get marry with the auto-rickshaw driver Muthupandi (Pandiarajan), the Corporation worker Sekar (Vadivelu) and the cook Murugesan (R. Sundarrajan) respectively. But initially they were not interested to marry them due to their job, but since their father forces them, they get married as day passes they all start to mingle with their husbands and some how leading a happy life.. problem occurs when three of their husbands decide to start a own business where Vadivelu wants to open a small provisional shop, R, sundarrajan wants to start a hotel and Pandiarajan wants to start automobile shop , hence they asks their wives to get 1 lakh each for them from their father in law. however miser Vinu chakravarthy denies to give money to their sons-in-law as he is interested only on his son future, In his son marriage three of their sons-in-law are humiliated by his son father in law and problem becomes big and all three of them started to show their anger towards their wife to get the money.

Vadivukkarasi who treat all her children equal cannot accept her daughters being beaten up by her sons-in-law for not providing the money they wanted. after seeing all those things she fights with their husband to give money for them.. once again Vinu chakrvarty denies to give money and he says all the money is only for my son who is going to start a new factory with help of the home(where they live by mortgaging it) and he also says my job is done after my daughters get married, after hearing this Vadivukarasi argues, fights with Vinu chakravarthy and falls ill and she dies. Vinu chakravarthi son comes from father in law home after 15 days, spending his honey moon.. Vinu Chakravarhty tells him your elder sister Rekha is pregnant and this is 7 month for her As a father i will have to do all the rituals and bring her home and take care of her until the delivery, immediately his son says i cannot allow her to be here as my wife and i don't have any experience taking care of pregnant women and moreover i am right now busy with my wife sisters marriage hence i don't have time to spend for her now.. Vinu Chakravarthy is shocked to hear this and he understands as a son he would not do any of this duties in this home.. on other side husbands ask their wives to sue her father to provide share on his property but their wives reject their statement and stating that "My father has done sacrifice for us and he grew up us well, so we wont sue our father at any cost" this statement again make them angry and they decide not to give any kind of food for them until they sue their father for property..As they don't have choice to run their life they go for work without asking permission from their husband..

On the other side, Vinu Chakrvarthy arranges marriage for her younger daughter and accepts to give more dowry to a bride groom family as status of the bride groom family is good.. Son comes home ask his father why did you accept to pay more dowry, do her marriage as you did for your other daughters, Vinu Chakravarthy replies back i don't want to spoil my younger daughter life, at least she lives happily unlike her sisters.. Son argues with father that he wont accept to pay more dowry Father says who are you to say that, this home i earned with my hard work which i would mortgage and arrange a marriage.. arguments heated up between father and son. finally son says i have already mortgaged this home and you signed the bond that this home belongs to me, now this is my home, you get out from here.. Shocked to see his son real face and cunningness, he realizes daughters are always one step ahead than son in affection, he goes to his daughters home and explains what exactly happened there. Since wives have started to go for job without their permission they decide to assault the manager of the company where their wives work so manager itself send three of them out of the job, so once again they depend on us.. But manager is a karate master who beat three of them very badly and send them back..

After Daughters heard the story from her father they now decide to sue her brother to ask share on the father property.. Notice has been issued to her brother. but he says he can move legally with help of his father in law who is M.L.A(Politician), but his father in law itself says according to the law share must be given to your sisters as well. we are running this factory by mortgaging your home, if they win this case all our factory would go to their hands, your life will be destroyed hence he tells his son in law to get a sign from your sisters stating that "they dont have any contact with this property and it all belongs to her brother alone "

Beaten by their wives manager they decide to divorce their wives and shocked to see Vinu Chakrvarthy comes from their home and wives explain the problem faced by their father But three of the them ask Vinu Chakravarthy to get out from their home as he never helped them when they had financial crisis. Police come over and beat the sons-in-law, wives ask the police officer why did you beat them? Police say i received a complaint from your brother that they torture you people for more dowry.. they immediately reply back police stating we wives never complained about them, who is my brother to give a complaint on our husbands. they demand an apology and police apologize to them and leave the place.. Cunning brother comes there and acts as he only gave complaint to police that my sisters are being beaten up by their husband.. he also says i am ready to pay money for the younger sister marriage with the dowry father agreed with bride groom family and he asks them to sign the bond where there is no contact for them on their father property,

Understanding brother cunningness they say we don't need any of your help we take care of our sister marriage you get hell out of here.. he becomes angry and start to show is real face and almost goes over to attack his sisters.. But husbands attack him and says they are our wife, how dare you touch her? humiliated by this, Brother goes back very angrily says " Let me see how this marriage is gonna happen, without my help you people cannot do anything " Since Wives saved husbands from police they decide to make this marriage a grand one to give nose cut to their brother in law..

On Marriage day brother comes over and attack everyone with the henchmen of his father in law and attack his one of the sister very badly and Injures her after seeing his daughter bleeding, Vinu Chakrvarthi starts to beat him very badly with the kendo stick, But his daughters stop him and yells, " You are the reason brother behaves like this. because you have never seen your kids as kids you always differentiate boy kid and girl kid and you give more freedom to your son, you never shown affection on us which is why he also behaves like this.. then Vinu Chackravarthi realizes his mistake and he says i thought my son would take care of my family. But i was wrong it is my daughters who showed real affection on me.. Brother too realizes his mistake and apologizes to everyone.. Vadivelu,Pandirajan,Sundarajjan also decides to earn money through their hard work not by getting from their father in law.. Movie ends with the happy note Vinu Chakrvarthi younger daughter gets married and family rejoins with rejoice..


  • Pandiarajan as Muthupandi
  • Sangita as Indra
  • Vadivelu as Sekar
  • Kovai Sarala as Sundari
  • R. Sundarrajan as Murugesan
  • Rekha as Lakshmi
  • Raj Sundar
  • Vinu Chakravarthy as Sadagopan
  • Venniradai Moorthy as Iyer
  • Vadivukkarasi as Meenakshi
  • Oru Viral Krishna Rao as Muthupandi's father
  • Shanmugasundari as Rangamma, Sekar's mother
  • Bonda Mani
  • Jaya Mani
  • Kovai Senthil
  • Bayilvan Ranganathan
  • MLA Thangaraj
  • Vijayaganesh
  • Awards

    The film has won the following award since its release:

    Tamil Nadu State Film Awards 1996

  • Best Comedian - Vadivelu
  • Soundtrack

    The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1996, features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Vaali and Vairamuthu.


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