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Taiwan (2003)

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Pop music


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F4 (band), 5566, 183 Club

K One is a Taiwanese boy band.


K One belongs to the management company, Wingman, managed by former 5566 member, Rio Peng. Other artists that belong to this company include 劉耕宏Will Liu, Evonne Hsu許慧欣 (eVonne), Ivy (許嘉凌, eVonne's sister), Alicia(潘瑋儀), Vivi (夏如芝), Niki, 無限(Freddy and Teddy), Wing, Style (浩偉and宏霖), and育緯.

K One disbanded in 2008 but Wingman or K One itself haven't said it to everyone that they've disbanded.



This 5-man dance group, K One, was formed by Rio Peng, with his company Corvette Entertainment (the name Corvette was later abandoned in 2006 in favour of Wingman Entertainment). However, K One did not do well with their first album; a very likely reason is that Peng did not wish to involve his own artistes with 5566, hoping that K One would make a name for themselves. Another possible reason is that there was already another popular dance group, Energy, in existence; due to this, few people were excited about the arrival of K One. However, Peng ultimately did place K One with Jungiery the following year.


After K One was placed under Jungiery, they were soon put to act in the idol drama, Top on the Forbidden City 紫禁之巔. This idol drama had a lead cast roster of Gino and JR, and Joanne from the girl group Sweety. To help up this drama's fame, Sam Wang from 5566 also played a supporting role in the drama, and the theme song for this drama, Twist The Fate 风云变色, was a collaborated work by both 5566 and K-One. This strategy was once again successful; K One's fame rose sharply.


Their book Heaven and Hell came out January 30, on Gino's birthday. Their second album Love Power 勇敢去愛 came out in May. Darren acts in Mr. Fighting 格鬥天王 with 5566 and Sweety. Gino acts in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog 王子變青蛙 with 183 Club and 7 Flowers. Kido acts in Green Forest, My Home 綠光森林 with Sweety and Leon Jay Williams. JR acts in Bear Family Physicians (Dr. Da Xiong) 大熊醫師家 with 謝祖武 and 寇乃馨. Other members acts in here for a few episodes.


Their contract ended with Jungiery and they decided to go back to Wingman. Third album Love Story of Romeo and Juliet 愛的故事-羅密歐與朱利葉 came out in October. Gino and Darren acts in Smiling Pasta 微笑Pasta with Cyndi Wang, Nicholas Teo, and 7 Flowers' Joyce Zhao (Xiao Qiao). Li Yang acts in Star Apple Garden (Legend of Star Apple) 星蘋果樂園 with Matthew Ming Dao from 183 Club, Achel Chang, and Evonne Hsu. Darren is a cameo in here.


K One fourth year anniversary. Their album Beautiful Commemoration 美好 紀念日 came out in their anniversary month, October. Wingman first CD, Wingman 2007 翼之星 2007, came out with all their singers in it and former 55666 member Rio Peng, the boss. Also their single The King's Way 王道 came out in November. JR acts in Kendo Love 劍道愛 with Evan Yo and Yang Ya Zhu 杨雅筑. Darren acts in a movie, Island Etude 练习曲, with Tung Ming Hsiang.


Gino acts in Home 民視娘家 but only for a few minutes.


JR acts in a movie called Feng Lin Volcano 風林火山 with Ivy. Gino acts in Easy Fortune Happy Life 福氣又安康 with Joe Chen Qiao En from 7 Flowers and Blue Lan Cheng Long. Gino acts in Happy Together 青梅竹馬 with 楊一展 Leroy (Weber) Yang, 洪小鈴 Jennifer Hong, and 林韋君 Penny Lin.


Studio albums
  • We r K One (2003)
  • Love Power (2005)
  • Love Story of Romeo & Juliet (2006)
  • Beautiful Commemoration (2007)
  • Singles
  • The King's Way (2007)
  • Dramas

  • Top of the Forbidden City 紫禁之巔- All Members
  • Mr. Fighting 格鬥天王 - Darren
  • The Prince Who Turns into a Frog 王子變青蛙 - Gino
  • Green Forest, My Home 綠光森林 - Kido
  • Bear Family Physicians (Dr. Da Xiong)(Home Of Dr. Big Bear) 大熊醫師家 - JR / other members(few episode)
  • Smiling Pasta 微笑Pasta - Gino, Darren
  • Star Apple Garden (Legend of Star Apple) 星蘋果樂園- Li Yang, Darren(cameo)
  • Kendo Love 劍道愛- JR
  • Home 娘家 - Gino (one short part in an episode. search title with Gino's name and you'll find it)
  • Easy Fortune Happy Life 褔气又安康 - Gino
  • Happy Together 青梅竹馬 - Gino
  • 巔峰時代 - Gino (not out yet)
  • 男生宿舍的女生 - Gino
  • *狮子的女儿-Gino *真爱林北-JR


  • Island Etude 练习曲 - Darren
  • Feng-Lin Volcano 風林火山 - JR
  • Host

  • 明星隨身碟 - All members
  • 超級童盟會 - All members
  • 亞洲電臺 翼想星空 - Li Yang and Kido
  • 音乐集结号 - Gino, JR, and Li Yang
  • 快樂有GO正 - Gino and JR
  • 综艺大喝彩 - Gino and JR
  • 完全娛樂 - JR (other four members have hosted as substitute host)
  • 愛風潮 - JR
  • 瘋狂Lucky9 - JR
  • 明星IFUN電 - Darren
  • 愛打電玩 - Gino
  • Commercials

  • Qma 手机 (2003) on YouTube - All members
  • 蝦味先 (2007) on - All members
  • Songs

    First Love2005
    Look Into My Eyes2005


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