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Josef Meinrad

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Name  Josef Meinrad

Role  Actor
Josef Meinrad Josef Meinrad Celebrities lists
Died  February 18, 1996, Grosgmain, Austria
Spouse  Germaine Renee (m. 1950–1996)
Parents  Katharina Moucka, Franz Moucka
TV shows  Once Upon a Time... The Americas, Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers
Movies  Sissi, Sissi ‑ The Young Empress, Sissi ‑ Fateful Years of, The Trapp Family, Die Trapp‑Familie in Amerika
Similar People  Vilma Degischer, Ernst Marischka, Uta Franz, Magda Schneider, Gustav Knuth


Josef Meinrad (April 21, 1913 – February 18, 1996) was an Austrian actor.


Josef Meinrad 1975 Interview mit Josef Meinrad Schauspieler im

Josef meinrad


Josef Meinrad was born Josef Moučka in Vienna, as the fourth and youngest child of the tram driver Franz Moučka and his second wife Katharina. For his secondary education, he received a scholarship in a school run by Redemptorists in Katzelsdorf near Wiener Neustadt. At first, he wanted to become a priest, but he left the boarding school in 1929 and began a commercial apprenticeship, while taking acting lessons.

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He made his public acting debut during a theatre festival at Korneuburg in 1930, by which time he called himself Josef Meinrad. Nevertheless, he finished his training and worked as a commercial clerk until 1935. From that time on, he performed on various smaller stages, passing his acting exam in 1937. His first brief engagement at the Vienna Burgtheater was in 1939, he then played at the German Theatre in Metz, mainly in front of Wehrmacht soldiers.

Josef Meinrad Josef Meinrad

After the war, Meinrad again performed in Vienna and at the Salzburg Festival in 1947. Later that year, Meinrad became a full-time permanent member of the Burgtheater company and was part of that ensemble until his 65th birthday in 1978. He played 195 roles on that stage and was famous for his performances in comedies by Johann Nestroy and Ferdinand Raimund. In 1968 he impersonated the title role in the German-language premiere of Dale Wasserman's musical Man of La Mancha at the Theater an der Wien. He also appeared in several Films and TV series, chiefly known for his role as an adjutant in the Sissi trilogy starring Romy Schneider.

Josef Meinrad Der IfflandRing Das Buch Die Hintergrnde

Meinrad was the keeper of the Iffland-Ring, which for 200 years has been given to the most important actor of the German-speaking theatre; he passed the ring on to Bruno Ganz.

Josef Meinrad Josef Meinrad Beliebte Filmstars nr 43 movie card

From 1950 until his death he was married to Germaine Renée Clement, who died in 2006. Meinrad died in 1996 from cancer, aged 82, in Großgmain and is buried there.

Honours and awards

  • 1955: Appointed Kammerschauspieler
  • 1959: Iffland Ring
  • 1961: Blue Ribbon Award from the National Council Screen
  • 1963: Kainz Medal
  • 1963: Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, 1st class
  • 1973: Honorary Member of the Vienna Burgtheater
  • 1980: Honorary Ring of the city of Bregenz
  • 1983: Raymund Ring of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
  • 1983: Honorary Ring of the Vienna
  • 1985: Nestroy Ring
  • 1997: Josef Meinrad-Platz near the Vienna Burgtheater
  • Films

  • Die Welt dreht sich verkehrt, 1947
  • Fregola (1948)
  • Anni (1948)
  • Der Prozeß, 1948 (see: Tiszaeszlár blood libel)
  • Rendezvous im Salzkammergut, 1948
  • Das Siegel Gottes, 1949
  • Nothing But Coincidence (1949)
  • Bonus on Death, 1950
  • Jetzt schlägt's 13, 1950
  • Erzherzog Johanns große Liebe, 1950
  • Theodore the Goalkeeper (1950)
  • Love and Blood (1951)
  • Shadows Over Naples (1951)
  • The Colourful Dream (1952)
  • The Spendthrift (1953)
  • Weg in die Vergangenheit, 1954
  • Money from the Air (1954)
  • Sissi, 1955
  • Sarajevo (1955)
  • His Daughter is Called Peter (1955)
  • Don Juan, 1955
  • Die Deutschmeister, 1955
  • The Congress Dances (1955)
  • Opernball, 1956
  • Sissi – Die junge Kaiserin, 1956
  • Die Trapp-Familie, 1956 (cf. The Sound of Music)
  • August, der Halbstarke, 1957
  • Familie Schimek, 1957
  • Goodbye, Franziska (1957)
  • Sissi – Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin, 1957
  • Die Halbzarte, 1958
  • Solang' die Sterne glüh'n, 1958,
  • The Trapp Family in America (1958)
  • Die schöne Lügnerin, 1959
  • Bezaubernde Arabella, 1959
  • Der Bauer als Millionär, 1961
  • Napoléon II l'Aiglon, 1961
  • The Cardinal, 1963
  • Liliom, 1963
  • The Spendthrift (1964)
  • Don Quijote, 1965
  • Man of La Mancha, 1972
  • Was ihr wollt, 1973
  • Der Räuber Hotzenplotz, 1974
  • Die schöne Helena, 1974
  • Gaslicht, 1977
  • Ringstraßenpalais, 1980,
  • Die Fledermaus, 1984
  • Der Unbestechliche, 1984
  • Der Vorhang fällt, 1988
  • He appeared twice in the German TV series, Der Kommissar.


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