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Jorge Porcel

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Name  Jorge Porcel

Role  Actor
Jorge Porcel Muri Jorge Porcel Infobae
Full Name  Jorge Raul Porcel de Peralta
Born  September 7, 1936 (1936-09-07) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died  May 16, 2006, Miami, Florida, United States
Children  Jorge Porcel, Maria Sol Porcel
Movies  Expertos en Pinchazos, Los caballeros de la cam, Carlito's Way, Peculiar Attraction, Custodio de senoras
Similar People  Alberto Olmedo, Javier Portales, Gerardo Sofovich, Juan Carlos Altavista, Enrique Carreras

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Jorge Raúl Porcel de Peralta ([ˈxorxe raˈul porˈsel de peˈɾalta]; September 7, 1936 – May 16, 2006) was an Argentine comedy actor and television host. He was nicknamed El Gordo de América (America's Fat Guy). Porcel is considered, along with Alberto Olmedo, one of Argentina's greatest comic actors of the twentieth century.


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Movie career

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Porcel worked in 49 movies, starting with 1962's Disloque en Mar del Plata, and ending with Carlito's Way (1993). Many of these 49 movies were collaborations with Olmedo. Among the movies they did together was 1986's Rambito y Rambón: Primera Misión. (Little Rambo and Big Rambo: First Mission)

Jorge Porcel Me condenan porque no nado en plata y porque soy obeso dispararon

Many of Porcel and Olmedo's movies in the 1970s and 1980s were adult-oriented comedies. Conservative Argentine authorities rated these movies as PM-18 (age 18 and above), except for some movies planned for family audiences, which had "tamer" content. These movies are considered to be the pinnacle of Argentina's sexy comedy movie genre. Most of these movies were directed by Gerardo Sofovich or his brother Hugo. Porcel virtually stopped appearing in these movies after the accidental death of Olmedo, which left him clinically depressed.

Television career

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Porcel had many TV hit shows as well, including Operación Ja Ja (both the 1960s original and the 1980s remake) and Polémica en el bar (Debate at the Café), where he had celebrated moments of comedy with fellow comedian Juan Carlos Altavista. Most of these TV efforts were linked to the Sofovich brothers. He also did Las Gatitas Y Ratones de Porcel (Little Cats & Mice of Porcel).

After he retired from filming movies in Argentina, he moved to Miami, where he starred in a risqué late-night variety show named A la cama con Porcel (To Bed with Porcel) on the Telemundo network, and was given a cameo in Hollywood production Carlito's Way. A La Pasta con Porcel is a restaurant in Miami Beach opened by Porcel and named after his popular television show.

Porcel's health deteriorated with time, due to his struggles with obesity and diabetes, to the point of ending up using a wheelchair in his later years. He toured during 1999 through Latin America to promote his autobiography Laughs, Applause and Tears. By this time, he had also become a born again Christian.

Porcel died in a hospital in Miami after a gallbladder surgery at the age of 69. His body was flown to Argentina and buried at the Chacarita Cemetery.


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