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Joni Anwar

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Also known as  Joni Raptor
Name  Joni Anwar
Movies  Ahimsa Stop To Run
Associated acts  Raptor, Katsue
Siblings  Anan Anwar
Years active  1994–present
Genres  Pop music
Occupation(s)  Singer, actor
Role  Singer

Born  August 30, 1981 (age 34) Bangkok, Thailand (1981-08-30)
Similar People  Anan Anwar, Kawee Tanjararak, Dajim, Jetrin Wattanasin, Intira Jaroenpura

Joni anwar fc rs meeting concert return 2013

Joni Anwar, also known as Joni Raptor (born August 30, 1981) is a Thai pop singer and actor. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand and has Indonesian-Scottish ancestry. He graduated from Bangkok Patana School in 2000 then he went to study aboard for a degree of business at South Hampton, United State of America.


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Anwar started his career by doing television commercials for Ovaltine, Bata, Krissadanakorn and others before he signed a record deal with RS Promotion.

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In 1994, Anwar began his musical career in the rap duo Raptor, with Louis Scott. After the group disbanded in 1998, Joni participated in his younger brother's self-titled debut album, Anan Anwar. Not long after that, Joni began a solo career and released three albums: Bad Boy, Freeman, and Outtaspace.


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Joni and Louis Scott were 12 and 13 years old when as Raptor they released their self-titled debut album in August 1994. They were the youngest singers in Thailand at that time. Their clothes were the height of youth fashion at the time and inspired teen fashion in Thailand. They also roller-bladed and skate-boarded and some teens copied them in this respect.

Joni Anwar Joni Anwar aka Joni Raptor famous singer in Thailand

The duo's name was inspired by the two dinosaurs in the kitchen near the end of the movie Jurassic Park. The two though the name would be a good idea for a name as "raptor" sounds like "rapper," and because, similar to the dinosaurs in the movie, Anwar and Scott perceived themselves as "naughty."

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"Kid Thung Ter" was the big hit. "Super Hero" and "Kum Wa Peun" also charted. Their album sold over a million copies.

On September 24, 1994, Raptor participated in a joint concert at MBK Hall with British hip hop group Hijack, debuting a collaboration track entitled, "Yha Kid Wa Ter Mai Mee Krai". The song was later released on one of Hijack's greatest hits albums. On 17 Nov 1995 they performed a concert with other RS artists at Amy Sport Stadium, debuting their song, "Kow Kew." This song is in Hot Collection 4.

After releasing their collaboration album The Next, Anwar and Scott released their fourth studio album, Raptor Goodbye. This was supposedly their last album together before they both separated and went on their own separate ways. This was disappointing news to some of their fans. "Goodbye" is something like DAY SHOCK, to thank their fans. "Sayonara Goodbye" is the old song by Pat Karby but it was rewritten in Thai. In the English part of sayonara goodbye, Joni & Louis wrote themselves.

The famous songs were "Sayonara Goodbye", "Oh Yes", "In My Heart", "Go Go Go!", and "Ruu Tao Bang Mai". Raptor Monchos Dance Concert, on 4 July 1998 at MBK Hall, was the biggest concert in this album. But not the last concert. They had tour concerts around Thailand along July and August 1998.

The Memory (May 1998) is a collection of their hits from all of their albums. Some are in remixed version. A special song, "Kwam Shong Jum" (The memory), is included. This is the last album of Raptor.

Goodbye Concert Sayonara Raptor on ......, 1998 at MBK Hall, is the last concert of Raptor. The concert was big, fun, and sad too. Their fans cried again and again. It was really sad when Joni said "Prong nee mai mee Raptor eek leaw na krub" (Tomorrow has no more Raptor).

Solo career

Anwar's debut solo album, Bad Boy, was released in May 2000. Anwar worked together with Montonn Jira [1] and composed a song "Go Now," which received FAT AWARD: RECORD OF THE YEAR AWARD from 104.5 FAT Radio in year 2002. This song appeared on the album Freeman.

Anwar recorded "Yak Hai Ru Wa Rak Ter" (I want you to know that I love you) for the movie Sexphone, which turned out to be a big hit.

Anwar composed a song "Outtaspace" which received FAT AWARD: RECORD OF THE YEAR AWARD from 104.5 FAT Radio in year 2003.


With fellow Thai teen idol, Montonn Jay Jira, Anwar formed the band Katsue.


  • Lok Tung Bai Hai Nai Kon Deaw (Romantic Blue)
  • Dek Ra Bead [Extreme Game] - Joni's first movie. He was one of six main actors and actresses. Joni portrayed Johny, a pizza shop owner's son who falls in love with Song. The movie earned 43 million baht.
  • Ahingsa-Jikko mee gam - Credited as Joni Anwar in this 2005 film, Joni starred as the brainy owner of an after-hours rave-party bar.
  • Television

  • ละครเรื่อง บ้านสีขาวกับดาวดวงเดิม
  • ละครเรื่อง หนึ่งฟ้าหลังคาเดียว
  • Personal life

    Anwar enjoys all kind of sports especially water sports. He won the third prize in wakeboarding at the X Games Thailand 1998. In addition, Anwar has participated in the X Games in Phuket

    Anwar attended Bangkok Patana School in Bangkok, Thailand. Louis Scott attended the same school as well.

    He has a younger brother, Anan, who is also a singer and an actor.

    With Raptor

  • WAAB Boys
  • They started WAAB Boys album by appearing on MTV Asia. "Yah Pud Leay" (Don't speak) was the biggest hit in this album.

  • Day SHOCK
  • They wore contact lenses with different color in each eye: one is blue and one is green.

  • The Next
  • A special album, they worked with other singers such as Dome Pakorn Lum, James Ruengsak, JR Kittikulwong, Oil Thana Suttikamol, Lift, and Voy.

  • RAPTOR...GOODBYE (May 1998)
  • The Memory (May 1998)
  • Solo artist

  • Anan Anwar (1999)
  • BAD BOY (May 12, 2000) – Joni Anwar's debut solo album.
  • FREEMAN – Joni worked together with Montonn Jira [2] and composed a song "Go Now" which received FAT AWARD: RECORD OF THE YEAR AWARD from 104.5 FAT Radio in year 2002.
  • WHAT'S Love
  • OST. Sexphone/คลื่นเหงา/สาวข้างบ้าน – Anwar sings "Yak Hai Ru Wa Rak Ter" (I want you to know that I love you) for the movie Sexphone, which turned out to be a big hit.
  • OUTTASPACE – Joni composed a song "Outtaspace" which received FAT AWARD: RECORD OF THE YEAR AWARD from 104.5 FAT Radio in year 2003.
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