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Anan Anwar

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Occupation(s)  Singer
Genres  Pop music
Years active  1999–2003

Name  Anan Anwar
Siblings  Joni Anwar
Role  Singer
Movies  Where Is Tong?
Anan Anwar Anan Anwar The Reimaru Files

Born  September 15, 1986 (age 29) (1986-09-15)
Labels  RS Public Company Limited
Similar People  Joni Anwar, Kawee Tanjararak, Dajim, Jetrin Wattanasin, Intira Jaroenpura

Record label  RS Public Company Limited

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Anan Anwar (Thai: อนัน อันวา), born on 15 September 1986 in Thailand, is a Thai singer, traceur, and actor. He is the fourth child of his Scottish mother and Indonesian father. His older brother Joni Anwar was a member of the musical group Raptor.


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Anan gained celebrity as a solo singer with the record company RS. He released his first album Anan in 1999 and followed it up with Fast Foot in 2000. Because he gained popularity with his hit song Talueng (ตะลึง), he received the lead role in the television drama Phom Ma Kap Pra (ผมมากับพระ, I'm with the Monks) on Channel 7. In 2001, he acted in Khrob Khrua Tua O. (ครอบครัวตัว อ.) on Channel 3 and later had many roles in various shows for teenagers. In 2002, he starred in the movie Kao Phra Khum Khrong (เก้า พระคุ้มครอง, Nine Warrior Monks). Anan is also a notable traceur from Sydney Parkour. He is also a key member in the founding of Team Farang.

Anan Anwar Thailand39s Team Farang freerunning duo taps on their death

DA DA DA : อนัน อันวา Anan Anwar [Official MV]


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  • ครอบครัวตัว อ. (Khrob Khrua Tua O.)
  • ผมมากับพระ (Phom Ma Kap Pra, I'm with the Monks)
  • กระตุกหนวดเสือ (Kra Thuk Nwot Suea)
  • Filmography

  • เก้า พระคุ้มครอง (Kao Phra Khum Khrong, Nine Warrior Monks)
  • Discography

  • Anan Anwar
  • Fast Foot
  • wonder boy
  • Most Wanted
  • Earthshake
  • พิเศษ Celebration (Phiset Celebration, Special Celebration)
  • References

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