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Jol Nupur

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Creative director(s)  Leena Gangopadhyay
Final episode date  5 December 2015
Number of episodes  901
First episode date  21 January 2013
Number of seasons  1
Jol Nupur Jol Nupur Star Jalsha 9 image Movieactressimagebike india

Created by  Magic Moments Motion Pictures
Written by  StoryScreenplayDialogueLeena Gangopadhyay
Directed by  Saibal BanerjeeArunava Adhikary
Presented by  Bright Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Opening theme  "Chhonde Baaje.. Jol Nupur" by Chorus
Program creator  Magic Moments Motion Pictures
Genres  Drama, Comedy, Romance Film
Similar  Ishti Kutum, Tomay Amay Mile, Chokher Tara Tui, Kanamachi, Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe

Jol Nupur is a current Bengali television serial which is aired on Bengali GEC STAR Jalsha. The show is telecast at Mon - Sat 9:30 p.m. Jol Nupur replaced Sansaar Sukher Hoy Romonir Gune from January 21, 2013.


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Jol Nupur, Mon-Sat @ 9:30 pm


Jol Nupur Neel KajuNeel39s wedding in Jol Nupur Times of India

The story revolves around Kajal, a girl from Orissa and an expert in the dance form Odissi, and a man from the city Arin Basu Mallik, named Neel. Neel is from a wealthy established family and man of principles, while Kajal or Kaju is soft-hearted and strong character who believes in the basic virtues of life. The show is basically a love story of Kaju and Neel in the backdrop of the sea. The waves of the sea seem to wash away all differences in their culture and lifestyles and tie them in an internal union.
Kaju and Arin meet on the sea-beach when Arin had gone there on a holiday. Neel develops feelings for Kaju. When Neel and Kaju accidentally and unintentionally perform some of the Hindu marriage rituals, the pujaris of the Jagannath temple threat to turn Kaju into a Devdasi and so Kaju becomes forced to marry Neel.
When the two come to Kolkata, Neel's family members are not ready to accept Kaju and Kaju has to face many hurdles, especially the ill-intended Bhoomi, Neel's elder sister-in-law. But she also has some supportive people by her side - Neel's uncle, who is the third son of Purnendusekhar Basu Mallik, head of the family, Neel's aunt, Aparajita (also called Pari) who is a mental patient and a special child. Pari also sings beautifully .Pari's music teacher and mentor, Amartya.
Eventually the family members accept Kaju and Kaju wins an Odissi dance competition, defeating Bhoomi. Later, we come to know, that Bhoomi is actually Kaju's cousin and Kaju is the daughter of the dance maestro Surya Panigrahi, who is now dead. Kajal's mother, Urbhashi and Bhoomi's mother, Srishti Mukherjee, are sisters.The power hungry Srishti had succeeded in establishing herself as an Odissi dancer.
But soon circumstances demand Neel and Kaju to get divorced due to Arin's friend, Arshi, who in turn marries Neel. Kaju happens to leave the Basu Mallik house and seek refuge in the house of an old Odissi dancer. Later, we come to know that the man is none other than Surya Panigrahi and Srishti had planned to kill him in order to emerge as an unparalleled dancer. So now, Kaju's birth details are unveiled.
Kaju now starts getting trained in Odissi vigorously by her father and wins a national-level dance competition. On the other hand, Neel becomes physically weak and ill.
In the meantime, other affairs creep in - Pari wins a national-level singing competition with the help of Amartya, who had married her also. At the same time, both Neel's family and Kaju have to face various calamities due to the ill-intended Bhoomi and Arshi. Pari has to face major hurdles, as Amartya's sister-in-law was not ready to accept her. Due to certain calamities like Amartya falling sick and losing his voice, force Pari to earn money by singing following which she gets blamed by Amartya's sister-in-law that Pari was a thief. Eventually she is proved wrong and her son, Judo, marries Neel's sister.
Another character, Minu , comes up at this point. She happened to be neighbour of the Basu Mallik family when the family used to live in the village. She stood by the side of the Basu Mallik family and helped them in their crisis and later married Chhoton, third son of Purnendusekhar. Discrepancies creep in even in her married life, when it is revealed that Minu was a widow and this was her second marriage. But Chhoton stands by her side and helps her in every such incident.Even in some cases Kaju helps her and the Basu Mallik family.
But, in spite of all these affairs, Kaju's love for Neel or Neel's love for Kaju has not come to an end. The soap explores their relationship.


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  • Soumitra Chatterjee as Krishnendu Sekhar
  • Lovely Maitra as Kajol Panigrahi / Kaju
  • Aparajita Adhya as Aparajita / Pari
  • Souptik Chakraborty/Fahim Mirza as Arin / Neel
  • Sabitri Chatterjee as Kamalini / Sona thamma
  • Anusuya Majumdar as Radharani / Neel's grandmother
  • Neel Mukherjee as Surya Panigrahi
  • Badshah Maitra as Vinayak Patnayak
  • Pijush Ganguly as Amartya Chowdhury
  • Sneha Chatterjee as Bhoomi
  • Sonali Chowdhury as Mrinalini / Minu
  • Biswanath Basu as Chhoton
  • Santu Mukherjee as Purnendu Sekhar
  • Anushree Das as Srishti Mukherjee
  • Bidipta Chakraborty as Anjana, as Bhoomi's mother-in-law/Neel's elder aunt
  • Sudipta Banerjee as Arshi
  • Debottam Majumder as Budhaditya / Judo/ Amartya's nephew
  • Priya Paulas Mimi
  • Diganta Bagchi as Subhomoy, Neel's father
  • Rajashree Bhowmik as Srimoyee, Neel's mother
  • Rita Dutta Chakraborty as Nandini (Amartya's sister-in-law/Judo's mother)
  • Priyadarshini Chatterjee as Rumi
  • Ronnie Chakraborty as Lal/Bhoomi's Husband

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