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Jeffery Pettis

Residence  United States
Role  Biologist
Citizenship  American
Education  University of Georgia

Doctoral advisor  Bill Wilson
Fields  Entomology
Name  Jeffery Pettis
Ex-spouse  Marianne Pettis
Jeffery Pettis wwwhoneybeenewscomfilespettisjpg
Born  February 8, 1955 (age 60) United States (1955-02-08)
Institutions  USDA Beltsville Bee Laboratory, Beltsville, MD
Alma mater  University of Georgia, BSA 1982, MS 1985 Texas A&M, PhD, 1991
Thesis  Tracheal Mite, Acarapis Woodi (Rennie) Biology and Ecology in the Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera L. (1991)

Jeffery pettis the role of pesticides in declining pollinator health

Jeffery Stuart Pettis is an American born biologist and entomologist known for his extensive research on honeybee behavior. He is currently the research leader at the United States Department of Agriculture's Beltsville Bee Laboratory (BBL). His research has led to significant breakthroughs in understanding and managing CCD, a primary cause of North American bee population decline. He is also known for discovering with Dennis vanEngelsdorp of Pennsylvania State University the ability of bees to detect pesticides and harmful fungi in collected pollen and subsequently quarantine the harmful substances from the rest of the hive. His research has also studied the synergistic effects of Imidacloprid on bees, an insecticide derived from nicotine which has been shown to contribute to CCD.


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