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Jay R Siaboc

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Birth name
Eduardo Siaboc, Jr.

Jay-R Siaboc

Manila, Philippines

TV actor


Years active


January 21, 1987 (age 28)Toledo, Cebu, Philippines (

TV shows
ASAP, Komiks Presents: Kapitan Boom

Awit Award for Best Regional Recording

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Awit Award for Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist

Actor, Singer, Model

Jay r siaboc net25 letters and music guesting part 1

Eduardo Siaboc Jr. (born January 21, 1987) also known as Jay-R Siaboc, is a Filipino TV actor and singer. He started as a student of Pinoy Dream Academy and became a first runner-up next to the grand star dreamer Yeng Constantino.


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Jay r siaboc net25 pambansang almusal guesting part 1

Early life

Jay-R Siaboc JayR Siaboc Hiling YouTube

Eduardo Siaboc Jr. was born on January 21, 1987 where he was raised by his father Eduardo Siaboc Sr. The youngest of five siblings, Siaboc grew up having not much. He was forced to quit school in order to help out his parents. Siaboc lived in Manila with his uncle who introduced him to the band scene, however he was too young to work in a band and returned to Cebu. Siaboc pursued his dream and became the vocalist of Scrambled Eggs.


Jay-R Siaboc JayR Siaboc May Tama Rin Ako I Fell In Love Too Eng

He first appeared on television on Your Song and then won the role of Jeffrey in the prime time TV series Pangarap na Bituin. He also starred in the action TV series entitled Palos portraying the role of Agent Enzo, together with Jake Cuenca.

Jay-R Siaboc Eduardo Siaboc Jr jayrsiaboc Twitter

He made quite a stir in the music scene leaving such memorable hits as "Hiling" and "May Tama Rin Ako" .

Personal life

Siaboc has one daughter with his current partner Trisha May Varga. On July 13, 2016, Siaboc, together with his cousins went to the police authorities in his hometown in Toledo, Cebu to clear his name in the station's watchlist due to allegations that he was involved in illegal drugs, as opposed to earlier reports of "surrendering". Siaboc admitted that he was previously using illegal drugs, but denied the claim that he is selling them or dealing with illegal drug transactions.

Jay-R Siaboc Singer Jayr Siaboc Surrenders To Police Due To Drug Connection

Jay-R Siaboc Cebu singer Jayr Siaboc surrenders to Toledo cops after drug use

Jay-R Siaboc Cebuano Pinoy Dream Academy runner up surrenders to police in


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