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Singer, producer

Drag Me to Hell, The Game

Years active

Jax Gordon

Jay Gordon

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Associated acts
Orgy, Machine Gun Orchestra, Korn, Deadsy, Crazy Town, Coal Chamber, Trick Factory, Linkin Park, Kill-o-Watt, Escape The Fate theATTITUDE, limbogott, H-Vice, The Wondergirls

Music groups
Orgy (Since 2010), The Wondergirls, 2wo

Extremely Dangerous Blues, Broadcasting the Blues

Similar People
Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, Carlton Bost, Phillip Walker, Jonathan Davis

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Jay Gordon (born January 30, 1967) is a singer, producer, journalist and video editor of Video Ask Vic. He is best known as the lead singer and original member of the alternative metal and electropunk band Orgy which he founded in 1994.


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Early life and career

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Originally from the Excelsior District of San Francisco, California, Gordon is the vocalist of the alternative metal band Orgy, which rose to prominence through their signing to Korn's fledgling label, Elementree Records. Their appearance on the first Family Values Tour as well as mainstream reaction to their cover of New Order's signature song, Blue Monday, contributed to their popularity in addition to his enigmatic, glam-styled appearance and energetic stage presence.

Previous and outside projects

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He previously worked as a musician with the bands Lit and Deadsy, and had collaborated with a few other popular rock musicians on a project called The Wondergirls. He has collaborated with several musicians during his musical career such as Jonathan Davis of Korn and the bands Crazy Town, Coal Chamber, and Linkin Park. Gordon has also worked extensively with Coal Chamber as the producer of their first self-titled album. Gordon and Coal Chamber's Meegs used to share an apartment before their respective bands grew in popularity. He is also the producer for the bands Hello Machine and Eye Candy, and is one of the vocalists in the band Trick Factory. All three bands are based out of Los Angeles.


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Orgy's first release, 1998's Candyass, would prove to be a huge success, primarily fueled by the popularity of Blue Monday, as well as that of their first single, Stitches. The band would release singles of both during this period, which would contain numerous remixes of the songs, some of which were created by Gordon himself, a trend which would continue to occur throughout all of Orgy's subsequent single releases.

In 2000, Orgy released their second full-length album, Vapor Transmission, which, despite gaining a quite respectable sales performance, did not repeat the wild success of its predecessor.


The period following the release of Vapor Transmission proved to be a tumultuous period for the band. Orgy left Elementree and Reprise Records. Drummer Bobby Hewitt left the band in order to join his brother Fab Fernandez in the group Snake River Conspiracy, although he would eventually return. It would be four years between the release of Vapor Transmission and Orgy's third album, 2004's Punk Statik Paranoia.

In 2002, he performed the song Slept So Long for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, due to contractual limitations which restricted composer Jonathan Davis from performing the vocals to his composed songs as they appeared upon the actual soundtrack (although Davis did, in fact, perform all musical tracks within the movie itself). Gordon has also appeared with his band Orgy on other soundtracks such as Zoolander, which featured the previously unreleased song Faces. Jay also remixed "Points of Authority", a song by Linkin Park from their album Hybrid Theory, for the latter's remix album Reanimation. This was entitled "Pts.OF.Athrty", which was released as the first and only single of Reanimation, and has achieved moderate success at the Billboard charts. He also voiced J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2.

In 2004, he voiced several characters for the PC game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


He currently owns and runs the record label D-1 Music with his father Lou Gordon, from which he produced and released Punk Statik Paranoia, as well as releasing their DVD, Trans Global Spectacle DVD. In March 2009, Gordon produced a five-song E.P. with the band Settings from Buffalo, NY.

Jay is the producer of the group Trick Factory.

Gordon provided composition assistance to the band Escape the Fate's third album.

In October 2010, members of Orgy collectively brought accusations against Gordon of having "fired the band." In response, Jay released a public statement denying the claims.

Orgy began a US tour in February 2012.

Orgy launched a crowdfunding campaign in August 2013 via with a $100,000 goal. Two months later, at the conclusion of the campaign, the band had only raised $8,739, falling short of their goal by over $91,000.

Orgy released a new single titled "Wide Awake and Dead" on March 18, 2014 & shot a video for "Wide Awake and Dead" on April 22.

Orgy released the first of two EP's in 2015 - Talk Sick, and an unnamed EP scheduled to be released in 2016.

Gordon has a daughter named London Presley, born in June 2013 and a son named Jax, born in March 2005.

Jay Gordon is related to Ledus creator Harrison Dale.



  • Candyass
  • Vapor Transmission
  • Punk Statik Paranoia
  • Talk Sick
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