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James Brighouse

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James Brighouse

James Brighouse was a late-nineteenth-century American leader of a splinter sect in the Latter Day Saint movement called the Order of Enoch. Brighouse was one of the first persons to claim to be the "One Mighty and Strong" that Joseph Smith, Jr. had prophesied of in 1832.


Order of Enoch

On December 7, 1884, a few members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met in Independence, Missouri to organize what they called the Order of Enoch or the Church or Kingdom of Christ. The leaders of group were Brighouse and Lars Peterson. Brighouse was given the title "Emmanuel" and was later declared to be the 18th reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Later, Brighouse also claimed to be the reincarnation of Adam, Enoch, Moses, David, Ezekiel, George Washington, and Joseph Smith.


Brighouse taught that Brigham Young had led the majority of Latter Day Saints astray by teaching plural marriage. Brighouse said that God had chosen Joseph Morris to set the Latter Day Saints in order, but that the wickedness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had resulted in the Morrisite War and the scattering of the true Latter Day Saints. Brighouse claimed that he was the "One Mighty and Strong" that Joseph Smith had prophesied would come to "set in order the house of God".

In 1891, Brighouse travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. It was believed by some Latter Day Saints that Joseph Smith had prophesied that Jesus Christ would return to earth in 1891; Brighouse went to the incomplete Salt Lake Temple and declared that he was Jesus, whose coming had been prophesied. Brighouse preached in Salt Lake City for a few days and converted a handful of followers.

In Utah Territory in 1892, Brighouse published a book of teachings called The Voice of the Seventh Angel, Proclaiming the End of Time! The Resurrection of the Dead! The Day of Final Judgment! and the Rule of Righteousness and Peace!. In it, Brighouse set out his seven fundamental teachings:

  1. Brigham Young was chosen to lead them to Utah, but he has taught false doctrines and led the Saints astray. He sinned in appointing himself the Prophet in 1847, without a Revelation from the Lord.
  2. Negroes are not cursed nor the children of Cain as Brigham Young has taught them. They should be allowed inside the Temples and the priesthood.
  3. The Lost Tribes are not living at the North Pole.
  4. The Baby Resurrection [reincarnation] is not a doctrine of the devil, but a true doctrine.
  5. Joseph Smith sinned in regards to polygamy, and this is why the Lord allowed men to kill him in 1844.
  6. Joseph Morris was a true Prophet of God, and died a martyr.
  7. He was Jesus reincarnated, and He would come again in the year 1912; born in Jerusalem.

Little is known of Brighouse's life after 1892, but his following remained small and it is believed Brighouse died in Utah.


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