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Full Name  Shoba
Ethnicity  Sri Lankan Tamil

Died  2009 (Age 27), Mullivaikkal
Name  Shoba Isaipriya
Isaipriya at work as a news presenter

Occupation  Journalist/television anchor
Alma mater  Vembadi Girls’ High School
Similar People  Thileepan , Theepan , Velupillai Prabhakaran
Died  2009 (aged 27)

Born  1982 (age 27)

Shoba (commonly known as Isaipriya; 1982 – 2009) was a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist and television broadcaster for the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Her death in the final days of the Sri Lankan Civil War in 2009 is mired in controversy with allegations that she was captured by the Sri Lankan military before being raped, tortured and murdered.


Isaipriya's dead body

Isaipriya raped and killed by sri lankan army newsx

Early life and family

Isaipriya with bloody white cloth wrapped around her

Shoba was born in 1982 and hailed from Delft Island. She was educated at the Memorial School and Vembadi Girls' High School. Her family moved to the Vanni in 1995 after being displaced from their home by Operation Riviresa - the Sri Lankan military's operation aimed at recapturing the Jaffna Peninsula. Shoba continued her education in Vanni before joining the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Isaipriya was taken into army custody

Shoba married a LTTE cadre in 2007 and had an infant daughter. Her daughter Akal was killed by Sri Lanka Air Force bombing on 15 March 2009. Her husband was also killed in the final months of the civil war in 2009.


LTTE News Presenter Isaipriya at work

According to the pro-LTTE TamilNet website and Shoba's friends she suffered from rheumatic valvular heart disease and as such didn't provide any military service for the LTTE. Instead Shoba worked, under the stage name Isaipriya, as journalist and broadcaster for the LTTE's Oliveechchu television station in Kilinochchi. She was also an actress, singer and dancer.


Isaipriya holding an instrument

According to the Sri Lankan military, Isaipriya, whom it describes as "Lieutenant Colonel Issei Piriya", was killed in battle by the 53 Division on 18 May 2009. However, according to TamilNet, Isaipriya had been a volunteer at the makeshift hospital in Mullivaikkal until 8 May 2009 and had ended up at the internment camps in Vavuniya District. TamilNet claims that Isaipriya and another woman were taken away from the camps by the Sri Lankan Army on 23/24 May 2009.

From Isaipriya's peaceful life to being one of the victims of civil war

On 30 November 2010 Channel 4 News broadcast video footage which allegedly showed Sri Lankan soldiers summarily executing captured Tamils in the final phase of the civil war. The video showed a number of dead bodies including a naked woman with her hands behind her back. This woman was later identified as Isaipriya by several sources. A witness found by Human Rights Watch claims to have seen Isaipriya 15 May 2009 wearing the same clothes that were next to her on in the Channel 4 News video. There were signs that she may have been sexually assaulted.

On 31 October 2013 Channel 4 News broadcast new video footage which allegedly showed Isaipriya alive and in the custody of the Sri Lankan military. She is shown half naked and disorientated, and the Sri Lankan soldiers initially believe her to be Dwarka, daughter of the LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran. Photographs are also shown of Isaipriya lying in a ditch, possibly dead, with a gash across her face and clear signs of sexual assault. According to lawyers Isaipriya's "murder" by the Sri Lankan military constitutes a war crime.

Isaipriya's family were unaware of her capture and murder until the Channel 4 News broadcast. Her mother told Channel 4 News that she had always thought that Isaipriya had been killed by shelling.


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