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Investigation Held by Kolobki

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Language  Russian
Country  Soviet Union

Director  Igor Kovalyov Aleksandr Tatarskiy
Release date  1986-1987

Investigation held by Kolobki (Russian: Следствие ведут Колобки, translit. Sledstvie vedut kolobki) is a 1986-1987 Soviet animation by Aleksander Tatarskiy in four episodes.


Investigation Held by Kolobki movie scenes Investigation held by Kolobki

Episodes 1 and 2 were made by Soyuztelefilm in 1986, 3 and 4 by T/O Ekran in 1987.

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Later the characters (Brothers Pilots) of this animation were heavily used by Tatarskiy's Pilot TV, in particular for the series Attic Fruttis and Academy of own Arrors.

The name of this animation film is a pun of a popular Soviet TV series Investigation Held by ZnaToKi.

Plot summary

Foreign citizen Karbofos (allusion on Karabas Barabas; also a soviet term for Malathion insecticide) steals a rare species of striped elephant from a city zoo. Famous Kolobki brothers tackle the investigation.

In a souvenir shop, Karbofos obtains a certificate confirming that he had bought a porcelain elephant. Using this certificate he tries to get on a plane.

Luckily, the ingenious Kolobki arrive just in time to lure the elephant away with cod-liver oil and shoot Karbofos down with a balloon gun.

Voice cast

  • Leonid Bronevoy as Boss (in parts 1 and 2)
  • Michael Evdokimov as Boss (in parts 3 and 4)
  • Aleksey Ptitsin
  • S. Fedosov
  • Quotes

  • — Oh, Boss, I can see you!
    — Analogously!
  • I don't understand nothing.
  • Either something has happened, or one of these two possibilities.
  • Meet me at N o'clock!
    — Analogously! (There weren't the hour arrow on clock, he said that they could meet at N:00, where N is the Russian word tail and'd be any hour between 11 to 19 (like teenager)
  • References

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