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International Peace Bureau

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International Peace Bureau

The International Peace Bureau (IPB) (French: Bureau International de la Paix), founded in 1891, is one of the world's oldest international peace federations.


IPB was founded under the name Permanent International Peace Bureau (Bureau International Permanent de la Paix). From 1912 onward it used the name International Peace Bureau. Between 1946 and 1961, it was known under the name International Liaison Committee of Organizations for Peace – ILCOP (Comité de liaison international des organisations de paix – CLIOP).

The organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910 "[For acting] as a link between the peace societies of the various countries". In 1913 Henri La Fontaine was also awarded the Prize "[For his work as] head of the International Peace Bureau". As of 2012, eleven other Nobel Peace Prize laureates have been members of the IPB.

Seán MacBride Peace Prize

Established in 1992, the Seán MacBride Peace Prize is awarded by the International Peace Bureau to a person or organisation that has done outstanding work for peace, disarmament and/or human rights. It is named after Seán MacBride, chairman of the IPB from 1968–74 and president from 1974-1985.


Nobel Peace Prize

IPB's work was rewarded by the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910, which has also been awarded to some of its members:

  • 1901 : Frédéric Passy (France), IPB Council Member
  • 1902 : Élie Ducommun and Albert Gobat (Switzerland), first honorary secretaries of IPB.
  • 1905 : Bertha von Suttner (Austria), writer and honorary vice-president of IPB.
  • 1907 : Ernesto Moneta (Italy), IPB Council Member.
  • 1908 : Fredrik Bajer (Denmark), honorary president of IPB.
  • 1910 : IPB itself.
  • 1911 : Alfred Fried (Austria), IPB Council Member.
  • 1913 : Henri La Fontaine (Belgium), president of IPB.
  • 1927 : Ludwig Quidde (Germany), IPB Council Member.
  • 1959 : Philip Noel-Baker (United Kingdom), IPB Vice-President.
  • 1962 : Linus Pauling (United States), IPB Vice-President.
  • 1974 : Seán Mac Bride (Ireland), IPB Chairman and President.
  • 1982 : Alva Myrdal (Sweden), IPB Vice-President.
  • Presidents

  • Henri La Fontaine – 1907–1943
  • Ernst Wolf – 1963–1974
  • Seán MacBride – 1974–1985
  • Bruce Kent – 1985–1992
  • Maj Britt Theorin – 1992–2000
  • Cora Weiss – 2000–2006
  • Tomas Magnusson – 2006–2013
  • Reiner Braun & Ingeborg Breines – 2013–Present
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