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Region or state  Korean-speaking areas
Place of origin  Korea
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Main ingredients  glutinous rice flour, bean powders
Similar  Tteok, Patbingsu, Chapssal‑tteok, Shaved ice, Songpyeon

Injeolmi rice cake

Injeolmi ([indʑʌlmi] is a variety of tteok, or Korean rice cake, made by steaming and pounding glutinous rice flour, which is shaped into small pieces and usually covered with steamed powdered dried beans or other ingredients.


Injeolmi Injeolmi rice cake recipe Maangchicom

It is a representative type of glutinous pounded tteok, and has varieties depending on the type of gomul (고물, coating) used. Gomul can be made with powdered dried soybeans, azuki beans, or sesame seeds, or sliced dried jujube. Subsidiary ingredients are mixed into the steamed rice while pounding it on the anban (안반, wooden pounding board). Patinjeolmi (팥인절미), and kkaeinjeolmi (깨인절미) are examples for the former, coated with azuki bean powder and sesame respectively. In ssuk injeolmi (쑥인절미) and surichwi injeolmi (수리취인절미) are artemisia and Synurus deltoides (AIT.) NAKAI) added.

Injeolmi Injeolmi Brings Together Old and New Korean Tastes SnackFever

Injeolmi is not only a popular snack but also is considered a high quality tteok, used for janchi (잔치, party, feast, or banquet) in Korea. It is easily digested and nutritious. Injeolmi can be stored in a refrigerator and taken out when needed. If the tteok is heated slightly in the microwave, it may taste almost as good as the newly made one.

Injeolmi Photo Injeolmi is a popular type of tteok rice cake served in

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Injeolmi Injeolmi Macarons The Busy Spatula
Injeolmi Injeolmi rice cake recipe Maangchicom
Injeolmi Injeolmi Macarons The Busy Spatula


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