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India–Madagascar relations

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India–Madagascar relations

India–Madagascar relations refers to the current and historical relationship between India and Madagascar. Relations between Madagascar and western India began in the 18th century and regular trade dates to at least the late 19th century. Interstate relations began in 1954 when independent India established a consulate in then French-controlled Madagascar. When Madagascar became independent in 1960, the consulate was upgraded to embassy status. In February 2011, relations were considered cordial, with several high-level officials having had exchanging visits over the course of relations. Approximately 20,000 people of Indian origin lived in Madagascar, including 2,500 Indian citizens.


Trade and finance

In November 2008, Exim Bank gave Madagascar a $25 million loan for agricultural improvements. As of 2011, 61 Malagasy people had received training as part of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme.

Geological history

In 2013, scientists discovered that Madagascar and India were part of a single continent about 85 million years ago. The sliver of land joining them is called Mauritia. .


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