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Imperiali family

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Imperiali family

The Imperiali family is a princely noble family. It is one of the most important Italian families and was a key protagonist of European history among aristocratic families. Originating from the Republic of Genoa it was previously named Tartaro (10th century), and descends from the House of Ventimeglia. It was one of the most powerful families dominating the city's politics in the 17th and 18th century and owned a vast amount of land in Italy.



The various titles of the Imperiali family acquired over years are the following:

  • Grandees of Spain
  • Princes of Francavilla (1639)
  • Princes of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (1718)
  • Princes of Montafia (1725)
  • Princes of Castagneto (1789)
  • Marquises of Latiano (1668)
  • Marquises of Oyra (1705)
  • Marquises of Livorno (1725)
  • Marquises of Pianezza (1725)
  • Marquises of Roatta (1725)
  • Marquises of Casetelnuovo (1725)
  • Marquises of Moretta (1725)
  • Marquises of Dego (1725)
  • Marquises of Cagna (1725)
  • Marquises of Giusvalla (1725)
  • Marquises of Piana nel Monferrato (1725)
  • Cardinals of the Catholic Church

    The Imperiali family possessed a strong presence in religion and had three cardinals:

    Lorenzo Imperiali (1612-1673).

    Giuseppe Renato Imperiali (1651-1737) participated in the papal enclave after the death of Pope Innocent X and was only one vote short of being elected pope.

    Cosimo Imperiali (1685-1764).

    Palazzo Imperiali in Genova

    The palace was built in around 1560 for Giovan Vicenzo Imperiale.

    Villa Imperiali in Genova

    The villa was purchased by the Imperiali family from the Catteneo. Its gardens are currently open to the public and the building is host to the communal library known as "Lercari".

    Castle of Francavilla Fontana

    Originally built in 1455 by Giovanni Antonio del Balzo Orsini. It was purchased by the Imperiali family from S. Carlo Borromeo, from the House of Borromeo, in the 16th century for 40,000 ounces of gold.

    Castle Imperiali di Villa Castelli

    The castle was purchased by the Imperiali in the 17th century from the Orsini family.

    Castello di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi

    The building dates back to the 10th century. Major works were carried out by the Caracciolo family in the 17th century and by Prince Placido Imperiale after purchasing the building. The 1980 Irpinia earthquake severely damaged the building's structure.

    Famous members

  • Michele Imperiali Simeana, Prince of Montena and Francavilla (c1736-1782).
  • Davide Imperiale (1540-1612).
  • Giovanni Vincenzo Imperiale (1582-1648), politician.
  • Giulio I Imperiale (1680-1738), first prince of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi.
  • The Marquis Guglielmo Imperiali (1858-1944), diplomat.
  • The Marquis Pierre Imperiali (1874-1940) (second cousin of Guglielmo), Belgian politician and senator, inventor of the Imperiali quota and of the Imperiali method.
  • Giovanni Imperiali d'Afflitto (1890-1983) Italian army general in the first and second world war.
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