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If I Die Young (organization)

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Abbreviation  IF.I.D.Y
Founder / Creative Director  Kevin Barnett
Location  Houston, TX, US
If I Die Young (organization)
Type  Non-profit organization
Purpose  To give struggling people a family, a purpose, and a community. Being dedicated to helping others through the tough times, and coming out of it stronger, TOGETHER - UNITED.

If I Die Young (IFIDY) is an American non-profit organization founded on June 10, 2014 which exists to give struggling teens a new family, a new goal, and a community. In particular, the organization raises funds for these causes by selling a line of clothing on their website, as well as organizing charity events on social media.



If I Die Young's goal stems from a personal encounter that its founder had with a fellow student named Cody, a young man who struggled with severe depression and isolation. In an attempt to convince Cody that suicide was not the only option, Kevin suggested that he make a list of all the people and things that would change if he were to take his own life. A week later, Cody was involved in a motorcycle accident that took his life.

In his backpack was the list I asked him to write, which he had labeled “IF I DIE YOUNG”. The only thing written underneath the title was my name….

Through the sale of t-shirts and charity fundraisers, If I Die Young hopes to provide financial support to send addicts to [rehabilitation clinics] and assist teens struggling with self-harm. In addition, the organization seeks to provide an interactive community to support teens whose families have died and to call attention to the problems caused by depression and addiction.


So far, the organization has made appearances at events entitled Let's Move Cities and Third String Productions. In addition, If I Die Young plans to make an appearance at South by So What?! music festival to sell t-shirts and raise awareness.


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