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Iași County

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Country  Romania
Historical region  Moldavia
Telephone code  (+40) 232 or (+40) 332
Area  5,476 km²
Development region  Nord-Est
Area rank  23rd
ISO 3166 code  RO-IS
Capital  Iași
Iași County httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons00
Destinations  Iași, Pașcani, Ruginoasa, Iași, Hârlău, Podu Iloaiei
Clubs and Teams  CSM Politehnica Iași, CS Politehnica Iași
Points of interest  Palace of Culture, Eminescu's Linden Tree, Copou Park, Castillo Sturdza, Iași Botanical Garden
Colleges and Universities  Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Grigore T Popa University, Gheorghe Asachi Technical, Ion Ionescu de la Brad University, George Enescu University

Iași ([ˈjaʃʲ]) is a county (județ) of Romania, in Moldavia, with the administrative seat at Iași. It is the most populous county in Romania, after the Municipality of Bucharest (which has the same administrative level as that of a county).


Map of Ia%C8%99i County, Romania


This county has a total area of 5,476 km². It lies on a plain between the Siret River and the Prut River. Two other rivers run through the county: the Bahlui River (on the banks of which lies the city of Iași) and the Jijia River.


  • Republic of Moldova to the east - Ungheni District.
  • Neamț County to the west.
  • Botoșani County and Suceava County to the northwest.
  • Vaslui County to the south.
  • Demographics

    As of 20 October 2011 census, Iași County had a population of 772,348. On the other hand, according to the 2012 data provided by the County Population Register Service, the total registered population of the county is as high as 873,662 people.

  • Romanians - 97.61%
  • Romani - 1.55%
  • Lipovans - 0.39%
  • Others - 0.3%
  • The population of Iași County today is nearly double what it was sixty years ago.

    County government

    The Iași County Council, elected at the 2016 local government elections, is made up of 37 counselors, with the following party composition:


    This county is predominantly agricultural, due to its topography. Industry is concentrated in the cities. The principal industries are:

  • Software
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy and heavy-equipment manufacturing
  • Electronics & Electrotechnics
  • Textiles
  • Food production
  • Tourism

    City of Iași is the most important city in Moldavia and one of the most important social, cultural and business centres in Romania. It has the oldest University in the country, and, until the formation of the United Principalities, it was the capital of Moldavia.

    Some of the tourist destinations in the county:

  • City of Iași and its environs (the Seven hills of Iași);
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial Palace in Ruginoasa;
  • Cucuteni - Neolithic archeological site;
  • Cotnari and Bohotin vineyards;
  • Museum of Vineyard and Wine in Hârlău;
  • Hadâmbu and Dobrovăț Monasteries;
  • Miclăușeni Castle and Monastery;
  • Vasile Alecsandri Memorial House in Mircești;
  • Constantin Negruzzi Museum in Hermeziu;
  • Cezar Petrescu Museum in Cotnari;
  • City of Pașcani, and towns of Târgu Frumos and Hârlău;
  • Strunga health resort.
  • Communities

    Iași County has 2 municipalities, 3 towns, and 93 communes

  • Municipalities (as of 2011 census)
  • Iași - population: 290,422 (and 465,477 (as of 2014) in the urban area)
  • Pașcani - population: 33,745
  • Towns
  • Hârlău
  • Podu Iloaiei
  • Târgu Frumos
  • References

    Iași County Wikipedia

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