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Developer  TenAsys Corporation
Source model  Closed Source
Latest release  6.0 / December 2014
Working state  Current
Initial release  1997
OS family  Real-time operating systems

The INtime /ˈɪntim/ IN-time Real Time Operation System (RTOS) family is based on a 32 bit RTOS conceived to run time-critical operations cycle-times as low as 50μs. INtime RTOS runs on single-core, hyper-threaded and multi-core x86 PC platform from Intel and AMD and supports two binary compatible usage configurations; INtime for Windows where the INtime RTOS runs alongside Microsoft® Windows® and INtime Distributed RTOS where INtime runs as a stand-alone RTOS.


Like its iRMX predecessors, INtime is a real-time operating system. And, like DOSRMX and iRMX for Windows, it runs concurrently with a general-purpose operating system on a single hardware platform.

Initial Release

INtime 1.0 was originally introduced in 1997 in conjunction with the Windows NT operating system. Since then it has been upgraded to include support for all subsequent protected-mode Microsoft Windows platforms, Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

INtime can also be used as a stand-alone RTOS. INtime binaries are able to run unchanged when running on a stand-alone node of the INtime RTOS. Unlike Windows, INtime can run on an Intel 80386 or equivalent processor. Current versions of the Windows operating system generally require at least a Pentium level processor in order to boot and execute.

Version 2.2

After spinning off from Radisys in 2000 development work on INtime continued at TenAsys Corporation. In 2003 TenAsys released version 2.2 of INtime

Notable features of version 2.2 include

  • Real-time Shared Libraries, or RSLs, which are the functional equivalent of the Windows Dynamically Loaded Libraries, or DLLs.
  • Support for the development of USB clients, and USB host control drivers for OHCI, UHCI and EHCI (USB 2.0) devices.
  • A new timing acquisition and display application called ""INscope"" is released.
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