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Name  Hwangbo Hye-jeong
Occupation  Singerrapperactress
Associated acts  Chakra
Years active  1999 (1999)-present
Hangul  황보혜정

Years active  1999 (1999)-2006
Role  Singer
Labels  Shimty Company
Music group  Chakra (2000 – 2006)
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Full Name  Hwangbo Hye-jeong
Born  August 16, 1980 (age 37) (1980-08-16) Seoul, South Korea
Movies and TV shows  Infinite Girls, Midnight Idols, Love of South and North
Albums  R2song (arisong) [mini Album], Lady in Black, R2Song
Genres  K-pop, Pop music, Hip hop music
Similar People  Kim Hyun‑joong, Jung Ryeo‑won, Shin Bong‑sun, Bobby Kim, Chae Ri‑na

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Hwangbo Hye-jeong (Korean: 황보혜정; born August 16, 1980), better known as simply Hwangbo, is a South Korean singer and rapper. She rose to prominence as leader and rapper of former girl group Chakra.


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Hwangbo debuted in 1999 as the rapper for the group Bros. She then joined Chakra alongside Eeni, Eun, and Jung Ryeo-won in 2000. The group released 4 albums, with the last one (Tomato) being released in 2003. Although they contributed to soundtrack albums, the group eventually split up in 2004.

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Hwangbo then frequently appeared in various variety shows, including being a regular on SBS's X-Man and Love Letter. She cultivated an image of being a tomboy, due to her strong mannerisms and straightforwardness. This is where she developed her image and brought most of her fans. Hwang Bo was also able to do a lot of charity work. She constantly signed up for volunteer work, leaving the country to help people around the world, more specifically the Middle East and Africa. She "adopted" a little girl from Bangladesh, constantly sending money in order to create a beneficial life for her daughter. When the outbreak struck, Hwang Bo was in Korea wrapping up a recording of one of the variety shows she was participating in. Her daughter did not manage to make her way to New Delhi. Thoroughly shaken with what was happening around her, Hwang Bo began constant charity work to help those looking for refugee in Seoul. Hwang Bo has since began directing the money that used to go to her daughter to the Revival Project, becoming a spokesperson while juggling recordings and perhaps a new album.

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A solo album was rumored to be released for some time; however, Hwangbo did not release an album until 2007 with Lady in Black. The album marked an image change, as the first single ("눈물도 미안해서", "Even My Tears are Sorry") was a ballad. In mid-2008, she released a digital single, Gift for Him, which featured the song "뜨거워져" ("Get Hot"), a Tecktonik song. The remix features Koo Junyup of Clon; the song's dance was choreographed by him as well. She also released a song called "Mature" as part of the "Gift For Him" 2-track release.

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Hwangbo joined the MBC reality show We Got Married, debuting on May 11, 2008. She was paired up with SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong, who is six years her junior. Due to scheduling conflicts, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo made their official exit of the show on December 14, 2008. Having gained high popularity through their fictional marriage, they won MBC's Best Couple Award on December 28, 2008. To this day Hwangbo still has a huge following because of her portrayal of the perfect wife on this show. She showed a vulnerable side never seen before and has attracted many fans due to this.

In 2009, Hwang Bo has remained active on television, becoming one of 6 MCs on Infinity Girls, an all-female version of Infinite Challenge, airing on MBC Every1. The show was eventually revamped in November 2009, with the original cast leaving, including Hwangbo and replaced by all new members. She was also featured in Olive's Channel new show Living Beauty.

She has also continued her modeling work, appearing as the model for the Labelle 2009 S/S online fashion catalog, and participating in Seoul Fashion week as one of the models for Korean designer Imseonoc. On April 2009, Hwang Bo released her newest digital release, "Can't Believe The Words," a remake of STAY's 2006 song.

On August 18, 2009 Hwang Bo released her newest single "R2song / Arisong" in South Korea, which was first released in the UK. The song ranked #1 on JunoDownload's singles charts on the day of its release, featuring a mix by producer Postino.

Personal life

Hwang Bo is an active participant in charity work, becoming close friends with actress Shin Ae-ra through their contribution together in Bangladesh. She is part of a charity group, Compassion. Hwang Bo is also good friends with other groups like Shinhwa.

On November 2009, Compassion has released a MV titled 'Because of Love'. The compassion group will do a tour around Korea to collect donations.

On February 5, 2011, Hwangbo officially entered the restaurant business with trusted friend and colleague, Shim Tae Yoon. She is currently the co-owner of the Shimsontang branch in Hongdae in the Mapo-gu district of northwest Seoul.

In 2014, she launched BO!GO!, an online fashion apparel shop, and muahpunctual, a cafe and pub. She also appeared as a MC in beauty expedition with three more MC's.


  • Emergency Act 19, 2002
  • The Disco King, SBS, 2002
  • Love of South and North, 2003
  • Goodbye for Just Awhile, 2004
  • Dramas

  • Ireland, 2004 (cameo)
  • Can Love Become Money?, 2012
  • Reply 1997, 2012 (cameo)
  • Theater

  • Nunsensation, 2011
  • Sitcoms

  • What Women Want, MBC, 2004
  • Kim And Lee (김과장 & 이대리), 2010
  • Oh My God, 2011
  • Music videos

  • Bros – Win Win 1999
  • Bros – Deja Vu 1999
  • CL – Another Day
  • JnC – But, 2004
  • Compassion – Because of Love, 2009
  • TV Shows

  • Match Made in Heaven (강호동의 천생연분), MBC, 2002–2003
  • Who Who, MBC, 2003
  • X-Man, SBS, 2004–2007
  • Love Letter, SBS, 2005–2006
  • Haja! GO (하자!GO), SBS, 2007
  • Infinity Girls, 2008
  • We Got Married, MBC, 2008
  • Idol Show, MBC, 2008
  • Nodaji, 2009
  • Finding Delicious, 2009
  • Human Mentor (어깨동무), 2010
  • Midnight Idols (오밤아), MBC, 2010
  • Infinity Girls 3, 2010–2013
  • My Successful Business, 2011
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