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Hugo Markl

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Name  Hugo Markl

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Hugo Markl Hugo Markl at Eva Presenhuber Contemporary Art Daily

Hugo Markl (born December 6, 1964 in Pasadena, California) is a contemporary American artist, curator and creative director. He studied Visual communication at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (1985–90) where he graduated with an M.A. in fine arts. His practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, video, drawing, printmaking, installation art and performance. Markl lives in New York City.



"I imitate popular art that will not become popular art". With these words Hugo Markl has described his art, which feeds on the media imagery of consumer society, newspapers and porn websites, fashion magazines such as Vogue, logos of multinational corporations like FedEx, and even traffic signs, or objects charged with cultural and social connotations, such as the famous Winchester rifle. Markl deconstructs these symbols, or rather the relationship between the images and their referent, through collages, drawings, sculptures and installations that create a typical estrangement effect, creating a vision that looks both familiar and unknown. The artist sometimes combines references to low or vulgar culture with highbrow culture, as in the case of the IQ drawing series (2009), where the sign 'ROCK' is overlaid on the naked body of a woman, as a homage to conceptual artist Dan Graham-or the sign 'IKEA' is silhouetted against the reproduction of a famous edition of Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment, the Bible for critics of consumer society and mass culture.

His work was widely reviewed by major international press outlets such as Art in America or the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. In his exhibition "Peter Builts" in 1997 at Galerie Walcheturm in Zurich he explored thoroughly and precisely the different facets of audio-visual impulses and how they influence contemporary body and mind. His work was compared to Richard Serra's minimal opulence as well as to Richard Prince's aesthetics, which cross the visual signs of everyday life with the insignia of art. This intersection of everyday life, pop culture, criticism and art is the base of his continuous exploration of aesthetic experience and the meaning of artistic creation nowadays.

In principle, he does not participate in-group exhibitions. However, Markl’s works are shown in-group exhibitions. For example, private art collectors lend their art to famous curators to organize public group exhibitions.


Markl's installations and sculptures have been exhibited in some solo exhibitions and some group exhibitions worldwide.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

Solo exhibitions

  • 2014 La Gioia, Maison Particulière - Art Center, Brussels
  • 2010 Galerie Eva Presenhuber, "One day 1917, while his director was out sick with a hangover, John Ford made his first feature. ...", Zürich
  • 2009 AMP Gallery, DR FRANKENSTEIN, Athens
  • 2008 Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Link, Zürich
  • 2007 Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, MAMATSCHI, Naples
  • 2006
    Galerie Eva Presenhuber, BROWN, Zurich
    Galleria Raucci / Santamaria, SHRUG, Naples
    André Schlechtriem Temporary, CALCIUM, New York
  • 2003 Gruppe Öesterreichische Guggenheim, PETER BUILTS OFFENE RECHNUNG, Vienna
  • 1999 Galerie Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber, THE BIRTH OF peter builts AND THE DEATH OF hugo markl BECAUSE I NO LONGER AM I AM EVERYBODY I AM EVERYTHING, Zurich
  • 1998 Galerie am Andechshof, Hugo Markl & Paloma / Installativ und Konzert, Innsbruck
  • 1997
    Galerie Walcheturm, Intolerance, Zurich
    Liste 97 the young art fair, Basel
    Galerie Walcheturm, Peter Builts, Zurich
  • 1996 Austrian Institute, NOSTALHU, London
  • 1995 ACME studios for the artists, superapologize 60 min., (major support by the Austrian institute, London), London
  • 1994
    Galerie Walcheturm, Hugo Markl, Gudrun Enslin, Zurich
    Centre d' Art Contemporain, PASSAT, Martigny
  • 1992 Galerie Walcheturm, Hugo Markl, Zurich
  • 1991 Shedhalle, Manum de tabula, Zurich
  • 1989 Pinx Galerie, SHIRT, Vienna
  • 1987 Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Kieltrunk, Vienna
  • Group exhibitions


    They printed it!, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich


    La Gioia, Maison Particulière - Art Center, Brussels


    Un‘espressione geografica, Curated by Francesco Bonami, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy

    2010 | 2011

    PLUS ULTRA, Works from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection. Curator Francesco Bonami, MACRO Testaccio, Museo D'Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy


    Haus für Kunst Uri, Edition 5, Erstfeld, Switzerland


    Hamburger Bahnhof + Flick Collection, DIE KUNST IST SUPER!, Berlin
    Galerie Patrick Seguin invites Galerie Eva Presenhuber, We Are Sun-kissed and Snow-blind, Paris
    Burger Collection, CONFLICTING TALES, Berlin


    Gladstone Gallery, No Information Available, curated by Francesco Bonami, Brussels
    Porta di Sant' Agostino, Stultifera Navis, curated by A. Bruciati and M. Tagliafierro, Bergamo, Italy


    Yvon Lambert Gallery, Mario Testino‚ At Home, a selection of works chosen and installed by Mario Testino', New York
    House Eva Presenhuber, Jubilee Exhibition, Vnà, Switzerland
    Palais de Tokyo, The Third Mind, curated by Ugo Rondinone, Paris


    Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, INTERSTATE, (curator Adam McEwen), New York


    Gruppe Öesterreichische Guggenheim, Kunstverein, ALICE LAENG ZBINDEN und MAX MUSCHER-FÜR GELD MACHEN SIE ALLES, Vienna


    Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck
    Galerie Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber, BREATHING THE WATER, (curator Ugo Rondinone), Zurich
    Gruppe Öesterreichische Guggenheim, Kunstverein, GLÜHWEIN + KESCHTN – Lavuapappn, Vienna


    Sammlung Hauser und Wirth, The Oldest Possible Memory, Lokremise, St. Gallen


    Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig, 20 Haus, Die Sammlung, Vienna


    Artothek im Parlamentsgebäude, Ausstellung 96, (curator Notburga Coronabless), Vienna
    Kunsthaus Zürich, Wunderkammer Öesterreich, (curator Harald Szeemann), Zurich
    MAK – Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Austria im Rosennetz, (curator Harald Szeemann), Vienna
    Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig, Coming up, Vienna
    Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck


    Fondazione Querini, Lokalzeit – Wiener Material im Spiegel des Unbehagens, (curator Peter Weibel), Venice
    Karin Kilimnik, Galerie Walcheturm, window display by Hugo Markl, no face entertainment row, Zurich
    ACME studios for the artists, superapologize 60 min., (major support by the Austrian institute, London), London


    Galerie Walcheturm, Eine Galerie stellt sich vor, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck
    Museum und Galerie Moderner Kunst Laibach, Lokalzeit – Wiener Material im Spiegel des Unbehagens, (curator Peter Weibel), Laibach / SLO
    Kunstraum Strohal, Lokalzeit – Wiener Material im Spiegel des Unbehagens, (curator Peter Weibel), Vienna
    Galerie im Taxispalais, Art Tirol, (curator Magdalena Hörmann), Innsbruck
    Galerie Walcheturm, Passing Through, group show, (curator Ugo Rondinone), Zurich


    Centre d' Art Contemporain Martigny, (curator Stefano Germini), Martigny


    Shedhalle, Manum de tabula, Zurich
    Men, Group Show, Galerie Walcheturm, Zurich
    Shedhalle, STILLSTAND switches, Zurich


    Group Show, Galerie Walcheturm, Zurich
    Galerie Zeitkunst, Aus der Nähe. Aus der Ferne., Innsbruck


    Secession, Junge Szene Wien, Vienna
    Öesterreichisches Museum des 21. Jahrhunderts, (curator Oswald Oberhuber), Vienna


    Galerie Grita Insam, Akte der Beschreibung, (curator Helmut Draxler), Vienna
    Galerie Zeitkunst, Innsbruck
    Galerie Knoll, Drucke, Vienna

    Art market

    Markl was represented by Galerie Walcheturm, Zurich; Galerie Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber, Zurich; Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich; Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples; André Schlechtriem Contemporary, New York; AMP Gallery, Athens. He's currently represented by DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin.


    Hugo Markl Wikipedia

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