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Howling: New Moon Rising

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Genre  Horror
Music director  Guy Moon
Country  United States
1.8/10 IMDb

Director  Clive J. Turner
Film series  Howling series
Language  English
Howling: New Moon Rising movie poster
Release date  1995 (1995)
Writer  Gary Brandner (novel), Clive Turner
Cast  John Ramsden (Detective), Ernest Kester (Ernie), Clive Turner (Ted Smith), Jack Huff (Father John), Elizabeth Shé (Mary Lou), Jaqueline Armitage (Jaqueline)
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Howling new moon rising 1995 part 1 of 7

Howling: New Moon Rising is a 1995 direct-to-video horror film directed, produced, and written by Clive Turner, the seventh film in The Howling film series. The film reuses footage from the previous three sequels in the Howling series (Howling IV: The Original Nightmare, Howling V: The Rebirth, Howling VI: The Freaks) and features characters from each film. The plot has a detective in the film uncover several clues that connect events of the latter part of the series. It was followed by The Howling: Reborn in 2011.


Howling: New Moon Rising movie scenes

Worst werewolf transformation ever the howling new moon rising 1995


An Australian man named Ted (Clive Turner), intricately connected to the previous three Howling films, arrives in a small western town where he begins to mingle with the local townsfolk, secretly recording his own enigmatic agendas into a tape recorder in his hotel room. At the same time a number of mysterious slayings appearing to be the work of a large animal begin to occur in the area. A detective (John Ramsden) investigates the case, helped by a priest (John Huff) who is certain the killings are the work of a werewolf, leading the two of them to uncover several clues that connect events from the previous three films in the series.


  • John Ramsden as Detective
  • Ernest Kester as Ernie
  • Clive Turner as Ted Smith
  • John Huff as Father John
  • Elizabeth Shé as Mary Lou Summers
  • Jaqueline Armitage as Jaqueline
  • Jim Lozano as Jim
  • Robert Morwell as Bob
  • Jim Brock as Brock
  • Cheryl Allen as Cheryl
  • Sally Harkham as Eveanne
  • Claude Allen as Pappy
  • Harriet Allen as Harriet
  • Bonnie Lagassa as Bonnie
  • Jack Holder as Jack
  • Romy Windsor as Marie Adams
  • Reception

    TV Guide remarked that the film was "a new low for the franchise." Dread Central gave the film a negative review, likening it to Mystery Science Theater 3000 fare. Bloody Disgusting also gave a negative review, stating that the film "ranks right up there with Troll 2 as the most hilarious bad movie ever made" and that they believed that the film kept the names of the actors and the town to "cut down on the people forgetting each others names because they had a hard enough time remembering their lines".


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