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House of Odrowąż

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House of Odrowąż

The House of Odrowąż (plural: Odrowążowie or Odrowąże) was an important family of knights in medieval Kingdom of Poland, strongly tied with the Catholic church in the 12th century.



Their family seats were in Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland, and after the 13th century invasion of the Teutonic Order in Silesia just in Lesser Poland. The progenitor of the family was Prandota Stary, who came to Poland in the 12th century from Moravia (or maybe Bohemia).

Notable members

  • Iwo Odrowąż, Archbishop of Gniezno, Archbishop of Kraków
  • Czesław Odrowąż vel Blessed Ceslaus
  • Jacek Odrowąż vel Hyacinth of Poland, saint
  • Bronisława Odrowąż vel Blessed Bronisława, see Blessed Bronisława Chapel
  • Jan Prandota, Archbishop of Kraków
  • Jan II Odrowąż of Sprowa, Archbishop of Lwów, Archbishop of Gniezno
  • Andrzej Odrowąż, Voivode of Podole, founder of the Bernardine Church in Lwów.
  • Jan Odrowąż of Sprowa, starost of Lwów, Voivode of Ruthenia and Podole
  • Jan of Szczekociny, castellan of Lublin
  • Piotr Odrowąż of Sprowa, starost of Lwów, Voivode of Ruthenia and Podole
  • Zofia Odrowąż, married Hetman Jan Krzysztof Tarnowski h. Leliwa
  • Stanisław Odrowąż, Voivode of Ruthenia and Podole, married to Anna of Masovia
  • Jakub Dembiński, Great Chancellor of the Crown
  • Strasz of Białaczów, knight, starost of Łęczyca
  • Branches of the family

  • Bębnowscy
  • Białaczowscy
  • Chlewiccy
  • Dembińscy
  • Kamieńscy
  • Koneccy (vel Konieccy)
  • Maliccy (from Malice Kcyńskie)
  • Modliszewscy
  • Sprowscy
  • Szydłowieccy
  • Coat of arms

    The family used the Odrowąż coat of arms.

  • Gryf coat of arms
  • Piast dynasty
  • Łabędź coat of arms
  • Kołda of Oksza coat of arms
  • House of Spyra of Pernus coat of arms
  • References

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