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Honduras–Uruguay relations

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Honduras–Uruguay relations

Honduras–Uruguay relations are foreign relations between Honduras and Uruguay. Honduras has an embassy in Argentina, its ambassador being concurrent to Uruguay; there is a consulate in Montevideo. Uruguay has two consulates, one in Tegucigalpa, the other in San Pedro Sula; the Uruguayan ambassador to Guatemala is concurrent to Honduras.

Historically, both countries were part of the Spanish Empire until the early 19th century. Nowadays, both countries are full members of the Rio Group, of the Latin Union, of the Association of Spanish Language Academies, of the Organization of American States, of the Organization of Ibero-American States and of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

Bilateral trade between both countries is small but relatively stable. Honduras exports coffee, while Uruguay exports mainly pharmaceuticals and rice.

Relations between the two countries were suspended following the 2009 Honduran coup d'état (which Uruguay condemned), but eventually restored in 2011 following the return of former President Manuel Zelaya. Then-President Porfirio Lobo made a working visit to Montevideo in 2013 for the Mercosur summit after being invited by Uruguayan President José Mujica.


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